Mullets Galore Essay Research Paper In this

Mullets Galore Essay, Research Paper

In this essay, I intend to prove that women do not like guys with

mullets for haircuts. The long shoulder length hair in the back is considered

ugly and dirty and does not appeal to the common female. Mullets aren’t

attractive to respectable women. Through the use of examples, the reader

will also realize that mullets are an immpossible way for a dude to get


On a recent trip to the Mall of Victor Valley I observed how women

reacted to mullets. I witnessed several groups of women frown when guys

with mullets tried to talk with the girls. Out of about twenty guys who I saw

sporting the infamous mullet hairstyle, only one of them was walking with a

female. Many of the other men with hairstyles other than the mullet were

walking hand-in-hand with beautiful girls. When mullet-haired males

would approach girls and try to strike a conversation, exchange phone

numbers or score a date, they were turned down immediately every time.

The mullet was the common similarity for guys who could not receive

attention from girls. The guys were all in decent physical condition and did

not have many features that are commonly disliked by girls. The girls

appeared to be single and were not unusually difficult to attract. The mullet

was an extreme disadvantage for guys with mullets who wanted to get girls

to like them.

I questioned several girls about how they felt about guys with mullets.

I got completely negative responses from all of the girls. There were

complaints of mullets being dirty, nappy and disgusting. The young women

claimed that they wouldn’t even try an intimate relationship with a mullet

man. Mullets are commonly associated with violent criminals, trailer parks,

drug use, rape and child molestation. These prejudices placed upon mullets

by society are often discouraging enough evidence to keep most women


My neighbor, Alex, has lived in my neighborhood for about eight

years and has had a mullet for about 6 years. He hasn’t had a girlfriend for

about 5 years. He has a steady job, nice car and good personality but does

not attract the women. People often introduce him to women because of his

personality. He has been on many dates over the past few years but has

never had a second date with a woman. When I first met him eight years

ago he had a girlfriend and I always saw women going to his house, likely

for sexual encounters. Shortly after Alex grew out his mullet the girls

gradually quit coming around. He still has many male friends, many of

them with girlfriends and no mullets, to keep him company, but rarely has

the loving company of a woman.

Mullets are clearly sufficient cause for women to be unattracted to a

man. Teenage girls and women show strong dislike of the mullet haircut.

For a single man looking for a relationship it would be wise to cut off his

mullet if he has one. Mullets are a strong disadvantage for a man trying to

get the attention of a good-looking, respectable woman.


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