Lord Of The FliesPoint Of View Letter

Lord Of The Flies-Point Of View Letter Essay, Research Paper

December 17, 1998

Dear Mr. William Golding,

I am intrigued and disturbed by your view of mankind that you have portrayed in “The Lord of the Flies”. However, this view, to varying degrees, is generally correct, with few exceptions. That is why I am forced to comply with your philosophy. After reading Lord of the Flies, I see the astounding parallel of various components of society to the microcosm shown in the novel.

I have found that the events of wisdom and rationality being crushed, and the fact that almost every boy falls victim to his evil side, are the strongest symbols that imply a parallel in society. Although Hitler lost the war and World War II has ended, the world is still ravaged by violent conflict. Be it unrest in Africa or the politics of North American nations, the “Jack Meridew” surfaces in us all. I have found that Jack symbolizes and shows the primitive human instincts and tendency to violence that all humans have within. These instincts today are fulfilled not only by violence and brutality, but also by hateful words and hostile intentions. One great thinker of our time once said, “A broken bone can heal, but the wound a word opens can fester forever.” In the story, Jack used fear and violence to satisfy his lust for blood and power, without any hint of thought for others. Now, people not only rule with tyranny, but with lies, contempt, and hatred.

There is, however, hope for civilization. Humans are capable of great things such as democracy, religion, creativity, and to some extent, ethics. Without these, it is almost definite the civilization would never have come into being, and we would most certainly be primitive animals. Animals we still are, but we have come a long way from primitivism. At the moment, mankind’s achievements have to the potential to bring mankind’s ultimate destruction. Nuclear technology, biochemical warfare, and poverty as a result to industrialization are on the brink of causing a worldwide meltdown. The motivation behind all of this is the human lust for power, instinct to kill, and occasionally, preference for destruction over creation.

Although faced with the evidence, I am still reluctant to believe that this is all of what humanity stands for. There must be more to it. However convincing the evidence is, I, as a human being, cannot bring myself to accept that mankind’s only motivation is instinct for brutality, lust for power, and need for destruction. As evil as society may seem, everyone has the power to create, to heal, to comfort, live in harmony, and to love. The flip side to that point is the active presence of the darkness of man’s heart and the inevitable evil that has prevailed.

Sincerely yours,


Klyment Tan


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