Olympic Glory Essay Research Paper The medals

Olympic Glory Essay, Research Paper

The medals; the five rings; the flags waving in the breeze; the cheering fans; the carrying of the torch; the wonder and awe that is the Olympics. Every four years the world gathers in a specific, distinguished city to celebrate each nations outstanding athletes. These athletes have made a career of their training and have developed a passion for their sport. The time has come for them to step into the spotlight.

In 1896 the legend of the modern day Olympics began in Athens. It is the story of the human mind, body, and spirit breaking barriers, transcending limits and reaching new levels of excellence, achievement, and possibility. Since then, the Olympic ideal has spread throughout the globe, as well as our ability to record visual information, not only on film, but also on the 3-D Imax of the mind. Every fours years, as athletes from around the world shatter the boundaries of time and space, the cradle of humanity shares in this wondrous spectacle and experiences a supreme sense of unity.

The games are important because all countries unite and participate on a friendly level against one another. The intention is to win as many medals as they can for their country. I would imagine this would be an emotional experience to represent your country at the Olympics because the games aid in enriching a nation s moral. In the past and present, countries at war have united for this memorable “coming together” where they competed without prejudice; regardless of skin color, sex, or race. From the athletes who work untiringly towards the glory of the gold, to the organizers who dedicate their time and effort into these games, we should not forget those that do menial jobs, for without their efforts things would not run as smoothly.

There is no better example of how the world can be united than the Olympics. For example, when Tara Lipinski became the youngest figure skating champion ever, everyone across the globe seemed to join in our victory. Such Olympic moments like Nadid Comenici s perfect ten, Michael Johnson s golden shoes, Jenny Thompson s victories in the pool, and Keri Strug s heroic vault, personify the essence of the Olympic Games.

As you can see, the global unification that is formed is priceless. The friendships made among the competitors are the epitome of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Modern day technology may preserve images in our minds, but it is the values that we witness before us that will remain for all eternity. The Olympic games are a symbol of peace for the individual and proof that, with all prejudices set aside, everyone is equal.


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