Egyptian Goverment Essay Research Paper The Egyptian

Egyptian Goverment Essay, Research Paper

The Egyptian government was the very first government. There were many reasons why the Egyptians had a good government. One example was that they were surrounded by natural boundaries to help them keep their land. Another is how they were excellent scientists. They had the Nile River, it was the reason they could grow 4 crops a year. There life was based on agriculture

Egypt?s location help them a lot them from being conqured. All the cities and villages were along the Nile River because it was hard for them to be attacked. Also to the north they had the Mediterranean sea, to the west they had the Libyan desert, to the south they had more desert and to the east they had the red sea. All of these are reasons why they had such a great civilization for 1000years.

The Egyptians were very smart people. They had many things that we have today, they had a solar calendar, they were excellent astronomers (365 day calendar), they used geometry to build they huge pyramids, they knew how to set broken bones. They knew how to take to chemicals and combine them or the chemical proceses, they produced their own natural medicines. Basically the Egyptians came up with a lot of stuff we use today.

The Nile River was the base of the Egyptians culture, with out it they could not have a civilization. They Egyptians were the first civilization to be able to grow crops year around. They always had a crop growing no madder if it was hot or cold. It helped their exporting a lot.

The Egyptians economy was based on agriculture. They grew wheat, barley, flax, raising sheep and cattle. They imported ivory, species, copper, and wood, they exported glassware, linen, and clay vases. They agriculture was very good for their time they dominated all other cavitations for 1000 years

Those four examples are just some of the many reasons why Egypt had a conquering government for 1,000 years. Egypt was in the right place at the right time, they had natural boundaries on all four sides of them. They were able to grow crops four times a year were most places can only grow two crops a year if they are lucky.


Writing AND SCIENCE They were good scientist they had a solar calendar they were great astronomers they set broken bones they worked with chemicals for mummification they surveyed land perduced and prescribed med geometry

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