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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Brick

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (Brick) Essay, Research Paper


In Tennessee William s play, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” the character that appealed to me the most is Brick. Brick seemed to be the center of attention throughout the play. I feel that the there were three main things that Brick was known for. He is the one that everybody loves, and everyone favors. He is often portrayed as a Greek god because of his god looks and his athletic figure. And his problem with alcohol also played a big factor in his character.

In the play everyone loves Brick. Big Mama and Big Daddy treat him as the favorite son. We see their favoritism towards Brick a lot throughout the play. With such lines as, ” I want Brick! Where s Brick? Where s my only son?” (106). Big Mama says this after she finds out that Big Daddy is actually dying. This scene shows how much Big Mama favors Brick because she has another son and she says that Brick is her only son. Big Mama is not the only who favors Brick in the story. Big Daddy also favors Brick. In the talk that Big Daddy and Brick had together, Big Daddy stated that if he were going to die, he would have given everything to Brick. This shows that Big Mama and Big Daddy favor Brick over their oldest son (Gooper).

Brick was portrayed as the ultimate man throughout the play. He was an athlete, and he had a professional football career ahead of him. He was also a very attractive

man. “I can t see a man but you! Even with my eyes closed, I just see you! Why don t you get ugly, Brick, why don t you please get fat or ugly or something so I can please stand it?” (31). This line that Margaret says shows how attracted she is to Brick and how good-looking he is. Brick was portrayed as a Greek god in the play, so you get the idea that he is the ultimate women s man.

A big characteristic in Brick s character is his alcohol problem. Whenever Brick is in the play, he is either drunk or he has a glass of alcohol with him. Everyone in the family wants Brick to stop drinking but he ignores them. I feel that one of the reasons why he drinks is because of Skipper. When Skipper died, drinking was the way that Brick had to ease his pain. In the scene where Big Daddy asked Brick why he drinks, Brick gave him the answer, “Disgust.” (78). Brick said that it was a way for him to deal with mendacity. Mendacity is a term for lying or liars. So drinking was a way for him to deal with liars. Also another reason why I feel Brick drinks is to escape reality. He wants to escape the reality that he isn t going to be a professional football.

In the play, Brick was the center of attention for many reasons. Brick was loved by a lot of people. He was treated as an only child to his parents. He had the good looks, and the athletic body that portrayed him as a Greek God. But found peace with himself through one thing; alcohol. In the play, if Brick had given up drinking, he would have been the ultimate model of a “real man

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