Cost Estimates For European Tour Essay Research

Cost Estimates For European Tour Essay, Research Paper

March 15-Day One the group will be leaving Orlando International Airport by plane

on Flight 212 leaving for Madrid, Spain. Price = $418.00

March 18-Day four the group will be leaving Madrid by plane on flight 86 for Paris,

France. Price = $288.00

March 21- Day seven the group will be leaving Paris International by plane on flight

124 for Geneva, Switzerland. Price = $130.00

March 24- Day ten the group will leave Geneva by plane on flight 584 for Vienna,

Austria. Price = $150.00

March 27- Day thirteen the group will be leaving for its final destination

from Vienna by plane on flight 56 for Berlin, Germany. Price = $200.00

Cost Estimates For Logging

Madrid, Spain March 16-17 Hotel Serrano Suite $500.00, $60.00 for each

additional person per night. Breakfast and dinner included. Breakfast

includes assorted breads, Dinner menu will be soup and chicken for the first

night, the second night, dinner will include the traditional Spanish plate

tapass a 7 course meal. Cost in pesetas = 159700.80P – $1.00=142.59P

Paris, France March 19-20 Hotel la Tour Maubourg double bed $200.00,

$50.00 for each additional person per night. Breakfast included. Breakfast

will include croissants and sweet breads. For one of the nights there the

group will go to a Cabaret featuring live entertainment this is a present from

the establishment. The other night they will be given $50.00 to go to a cafe or

restaurant were they will be able to have soups rare meats and fantastic

deserts. Price in Francs = 3080.00F – $1.00=5.60F

Bern, Switzerland March 22-23 Hotel Bern suite $550.00, $70 for each

additional person per night. Breakfast and Dinner included. Breakfast will

include sweet breads and cereal. Dinner for the first night will include a 4

course meal starting with soup, after soup assorted vegetables and meat, next

there will be a salad and finishing off there will be dessert. The next night

will be left up to the group $50.00 will be given for dinner expenses. Because

this is in the German part of Switzerland the German mark will be a means

of money. Price in Marks = 2180.10DM – $1.00=1.69DM

Vienna, Austria March 25-26 Hotel Aclon suite $400.00, $50.00 for each

additional person per night. Breakfast and dinner included, the Vienna cafe

is directly below the hotel. The dishes are varied from soups and sandwiches

meats and desserts. Price in AS = 10692.00AS – $1.00=11.88AS

Berlin, Germany March 28-29 Hotel Alexander suite is $600.00, $50.00 for

each additional person per night. Breakfast $15.00 dinner will be a little step

for each night $53.85. Breakfast will include sweet breads, pies, cinnamon

rolls, and eggs and sausage will be available if desired. Dinner will be served

at a nice restaurant, dinner will most likely include pasta dishes meats and

vegetables. After the main courses dessert will be served, the first night will

have Apfelstrudel paper thin layers of pastry filled with apple slices, nuts,

raisins and jam. The second night Gugelhupf a mounded cake with a hole in

the center, usually filled with raisons and almonds. Dinner will most likely

be the same or a little different. Price in Deutsch Marks = 2429.71DM -


Total Cost Estimate For European Trip

In US dollars =$6633.70

Berlitz. German Dictionary, Berlitz 1996.


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