Managing The Airport Business Essay Research Paper

Managing The Airport Business Essay, Research Paper

Managing the Airport Business


Dalton Airport is owned by the local Government through Dalton City Council. This ownership was acquired through the Aerodrome Local Ownership Plan. However it is to be managed privately by myself.


It was noted that there were inefficiencies in staffing and administrative arrangements at present and analysis needs to be done so as to regain efficiency in the operation of administration, if indeed it existed to begin with. This could mean new staff or structured training, etc.


Operating Revenues: The aeronautical operating revenues will increase through

passenger service charges due to the rapid increase in size of the

city, but costs will be incurred due to this. A further source of a

aeronautical revenue is to increase the terminal leases slightly,

passenger taxes and parking of aircraft for general aviators. Increases

in non-aeronautical revenues can be created through more site rentals

and a rise in interest. New ideas could include charging the public to


Operating costs: The main idea is to increase revenue whilst decreasing costs or having

them remain the same. This is hard to do as outside services are

increasing their prices as well and costs can t be cut that violate the

regulations and more importantly the safety of the customers. More

thought into this is required. A decrease in salaries could bring about

bad repercussions.

Client Relationships:

The clients of the airport range from airlines to general aviation to on-airport businesses. The relationship with each is different and if prices are to be increased to allow for a better profit for the year then the relationship with most or all clients is going to diminish unless there is a good point to argue. Care must be taken with this as they are the people that are paying the money and upsetting them causes there to be a loss in profit all together.


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