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Lemon Mobile Essay, Research Paper

Megan Clarey


March 8, 2000

The Lemon Mobile

Ever since I set eyes on my car, I have had nothing but a headache. Not only is it

the loudest car, but it also drifts right into the trees, and it shakes at thirty and sixty m.p.h.

Even with all of my car?s faults, nothing prepared me for its final act of cruelty. My

lemon died thirty minutes before warm-ups for our big game, and I had the starting line up

with me.

Laura, Allison, Kristen, Kierra, and I had all packed into my two-door death trap

to get a snack at Dunkin Donoughts. Being the responsible upper classman, I made sure

we left with ample time to get ready for the game. Unfortunately, there wasn?t enough

time in the world to help us with our disaster. We were stopped at a red light howling

along to a Lenny Kravitz song, which I now hate, when Kristen nervously uttered,? Meg I

think your car stopped running.?

I confidently replied, ?Nah!? Well, to my surprise, when I stepped on the gas, we

didn?t go anywhere. All of a sudden, I began laughing hysterically and the rest of them

chimed in, until, ?BEEP? the light had turned green! ?AAHH!? we shrieked. We finally

realized that we were stuck in a useless hunk of metal at Toms River?s busiest intersection.

?What are we gonna do?? I thought. At the time, shrieking and laughing were our best

solutions. Finally, as people were going around us, giving us the finger and cursing at us,

my four skinny mini passengers got out to push my 2000 lb. pile of tin. As they set out on

their mission to rescue us from being stranded in a sea of road rage, all I could do was


The time was twenty minutes until warm-ups and my mighty mouse teammates

had managed to push my lemon into Amoco?s parking lot. We had to hurry and this scrap

heap running again. Laura yelled,? Maybe it needs anti-freeze!? So, she galloped away to

the store and in two minutes she was back with a container of anti-freeze. After we

poured the fluid into my car, we tried to start my car, ?Vroom Vroom!?

?Nothing! Shit!? I panicked. So, we decided to stare at the car a little longer

hoping the car would tell us what it needed.

There were only five minutes of stretching time left, and we were still stranded ten

minutes away from school. ?We are so dead,? I thought to myself. As we stood there,

Allison went to call for help. She came shuffling back, ? Well the good news is we have a

ride the bad news is Mills is *censored*ing pissed.?

?Shit!? we uttered. I mean I could see why she would be a little upset because it

was thirty minutes before our big game, and her starting line up was stranded at the

Amoco station instead of being at the field for warm ups.

It was thirty minutes before the game, we had missed warm ups and we were

scared of what Mills was going to do to us, but wait, our chariot was there. ?Hooray!? we

sang in harmony. Unfortunately, our chariot was a Jeep. A Jeep can hold two people

comfortably three is all right, but six was not possible. If you have ever seen a clown car

then you know how we fit into our mouse hole ride. In the front was the driver and two

passengers, in the back was two people in the seats and one was lying across them. I was

in the front with Kristen?s rear end crushing my legs. Needless to say, it was the longest

ten-minute ride I had ever been on. Not only was I into a small bucket seat but also at

every bump in the road Kristin?s bum was digging more and more into my leg.

We finally arrived two minutes before crunch time. As we drove onto the field,

we were greeted by boisterous cheering from our loyal fans ( I guess someone had told

them). We staggered and fell out of our clown mobile, all red as stop signs, hurriedly

entered the playing field. We did win the game, and I learned a valuable lesson from the

whole experience. I learned that if you are going to go to get a snack before a big game,

then go in a car that has fallen apart fewer than five times.


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