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Cinderella Essay, Research Paper


Folklore has been a mean of entertainment in which the stories are destined to changed based on society and culture. Cinderella is a folktale which has been passed on

through generations. Her character has changed and developed as it passed through different societies and cultures. The most recent depiction of Cinderella is the movie Ever After in which Danielle, the character known with the nickname of Cinderella, is

portrayed as the first and true Cinderella in which all the fairy tales are derived from. Cinderella has been innocent even though there has been rivalry between her and her siblings, and she has had a fairy godmother to help her and give her confidence.

The character of Cinderella has been innocent throughout many stories. In Ever After Danielle worked as a servant to her stepmother in hopes of pleasing her and also being accepted as a daughter. Danielle did not deserve any of the cruelty which was

placed upon her since her only hope was to please. In Perrault s Cinderella, Cinderella is also portrayed as innocent. She did her chores because she did not wish to complain

for she feared punishment, not as a way of gaining acceptance as a daughter. In the Grimm brothers version called Ashputtle , Ashputtle was innocent because she did her chores and didn t deserve the cruelty which her sisters brought upon her. In all three

versions of Cinderella she was innocent for she did not deserve the treatment put upon her by her stepmother and stepsisters.

The relationship between Cinderella and the way they treated her has changed but they all have always helped her develop a strong will. Danielle was only treated bad by Marguerite, not her other stepsister Jacqueline. Marguerite was cruel while Jacqueline

eventually helped Danielle by tricking her mother and sister by making them believe the Prince wanted to marry Marguerite. Danielle was mentally strong because she endured constant ill treatment from Marguerite for ten years. The relationship between

Cinderella and her siblings is similar in Perrault s version. One of her sisters was extremely rude while the other was nicer. The rude sister was constantly nagging at Cinderella while the nice one barely uttered a rude word from her mouth. Cinderella tolerated the cruel treatment by her strong will. The sisters relationship was very

different in Grimms tale. In it both of the stepsisters portrayed characteristics of those like Marguerite in Ever After. They took away Ashputtle s nice clothing, forced her to do hard chores, and they always mocked her. She was once again able to bear this

treatment because she was mentally strong. Even thought the rivalry between Cinderella and her stepsisters has changed, Cinderella had a strong will for being able to withstand the rudeness.

The fairy godmother of Cinderella has been a way of giving Cinderella confidence and also a reward for enduring the cruelty of her sisters. Danielle s fairy godmother isn t a fairy but is Leonardo DaVinci. He rescues Danielle from a locked up

room and gives he confidence to tell the Prince that she is a peasant. DaVinci was willing to help Danielle because she deserved something in return for putting up with the cruelty from her sisters and also by doing many chores. In Perrault s version the fairy

godmother is a real fairy and also has magical powers. She gives Cinderella confidence to go to the ball by giving her a beautiful dress and transforming common items into a coach and coachmen. Like Danielle, Cinderella deserved this reward because she beared

much rudeness from her sisters and did much hard work. In Grimms tale the fairy godmother is represent by two doves and a turtledove. In order to make the magic work, Ashputtle had to pray and the doves would carry out her wishes. In this version she also

received nice clothing to give her confidence for she now had something to wear to the ball. Like the other versions, Ashputtle was deserving of the rewards. Even though Cinderella s fairy godmother has changed, the fairy godmother has been there to help

Cinderella for she deserved something in return for all of her hard work.

The story of Cinderella will continue to change throughout time. Danielle s character as Cinderella has been shaped by her innocence, her strong will she gained from sibling rivalry, and the confidence she received from the help of her fairy god

mother. These characteristics along with the story imply that good will come to those who wait. That is evident in Ever After, Perrault s Cinderella , and Ashputtle. However, the character of Cinderella and its implications are bound to change since it is

a folktale. The way she is represented in different societies and cultures portrays a characteristic of that certain environment.


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