Cinderella Essay Research Paper CINDERELLA I will

Cinderella Essay, Research Paper


I will tell you kids a story of how your great-grandmother and great-grandfather meat and fell in love.

Once upon a time, a man whose wife was pleasant, kind and with sawed legs had died. He decided to marry again. Unfortunately, he took a mean, nasty and covered with hair, woman for his second wife. She had two ugly daughters, who were just like their mother in every way. One was fat with a crooked nose and all she did, was carrying food. The other one was skinny with long nose and all she did, was carrying makeup and trying on her beautiful dresses. The man had a daughter of his own, who was so good and kind that her stepmother and stepsisters hated her.

They made her do all the cleaning and cooking and made her wait on them, hand and foot. In the early morning she used to go to the forest to collected barrios and to carry; cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries home. Afterwards she used to go to the city market and carry back home apples, gapes, plums, oranges, apricot, cherries, watermelons, melons, peaches, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, carets, onions, peppers, eggplant, lattes, cabbage, and garlic After the market she used to go to the farm. From there she used to carry chickens, pork meat, weal meat, eggs, and milk . But she never complained even when she was so tired she could hardly stand up when all her work was done, she sometimes sat close to the fireplace near the cinders and so, her stepsisters called her Cinderella. .

As it happened, the king s son held a ball and invited all the important people in the land. Cinderella s stepsisters and stepmother were invited, and Cinderella had to do even more work than usual. There were gowns to be made, and petticoats to be starched, and ruffles to be ironed. There were new dresses for each of the stepsisters to try on. All they talked about for days was the ball.

On the night of the ball, Cinderella did her best to help her stepsisters and stepmother to get ready, and all while they teased her. And what are you carrying to the ball, ups wearing, Cinderella? Then they laughed, for they knew that Cinderella had nothing but the rags on her back. At last, they left for the ball.

Cinderella was crying by the fireside when she heard a light tap at door. It was a beautiful woman. Why do you weep, my child? she asked. Before Cinderella could answer, the woman said, Ah, my dear I know why you are sad, for I am your fairy godmother! You wish to go to the ball and so you shall because you did an excellent job carrying the thinks you carry. But first, you must bring me a pumpkin. Cinderella carried the pumpkin all the way from the farm to her fairy godmother, and the fairy touched it with her magic wand. At once, the pumpkin turned into a glittering coach! Now bring me six mice, she said. Cinderella carried the mice from the kitchen, and brought them to her fairy godmother. With a touch of her magic wand, she turned the mice into six prancing horses. Next, she turned a rat into a handsome coachman. Finally, she told Cinderella to fetch six lizards from the garden. With a wave of the wand, the lizards became six handsome footmen. There! said the fairy godmother. You shall ride to the ball in style. Does that make you happy?

Oh yes! cried Cinderella. But what am I to wear? I could never go to a ball in rags like these. Her fairy godmother reached out with her magic wand, touched the ragged dress and a beautiful gown appeared in its place! Then she brought out a pair of tiny glass slippers, which were exactly the right size for Cinderella. As Cinderella climbed into the coach she promised to be home by 12 o clock. Or ells everything will disappear and she will agene be a virgin in rags.

When Cinderella arrived at the palace the prince fell in love. Never had he seen anyone so beautiful! As he led her into the ballroom, everyone turned and exclaimed: Oh!!! How lovely she is! Who can she be?

All night the prince danced with Cinderella. He hardly took his eyes off her. She was especially friendly to her stepsisters, who did not recognize her. Cinderella had a wonderful time at the ball. But she forgot all about the hour! Suddenly, the clock was striking midnight! Cinderella ran from the ballroom. She flew down the palace steps, and she lost one of her glass slippers

The prince, hurrying after her, but all he found was the glass slipper. Have you seen a beautiful princess running by? he asked the palace guards. Only a virgin servant girl in rags, they replied. The prince rushed to the palace gates, but all he saw was a pumpkin and some mice scurrying off into the night.

When her stepsisters returned from the ball, Cinderella pretended she had been sleeping. Oh, she yawned, it s so late! It does not seem late to us, they bragged, For we were at the ball! We met the most beautiful princess, and she treated us like dear friends! Cinderella smiled secretly and asked the name of the princess. How should we know? her stepsisters snapped. Even the prince does not know her name But at midnight, she hurried off. She even lost one of her glass slippers in her swiftness. You should have seen the prince! He simply stared at the slipper for the rest of the evening. It s plain to see that he s in love!

And indeed, it was true. For within a few days, the prince announced that he would marry the girl whose foot would fit into the glass slipper. Every princess in the land tried it on. So did all the ladies of the court. Then king s army brought the slipper from door to door, trying it on every woman in the kingdom. The solders even fund wives for them self but could not find any lady with such a small feet. Solders carried stationery and pencils and pen, they carried safety pins, trip flares, signal flares, and spools of wire, razor blades, chewing tobacco (THE OXFORD BOOK OF AMERICAN SHORT STORIES THE THINGS THEY CARRIED [646]). Finely they came to the stepmother s house and they even tried to squeeze the ugly stepsisters big feet in! But it was no use.

At last it was Cinderella s turn. Oh, how her stepsisters laughed. Cinderella? How ridiculous! She could never be a princess! Why it s plain to see that the slipper will never fit her foot!

Then Cinderella tried on the slipper. The glass slipper was exactly the right size for Cinderella, and her foot slipped in easily. Then she took the matching slipper from the pocket of her ragged dress.

As she put it on her other foot, her fairy godmother appeared. With a touch of the magic wand, the fairy turned Cinderella s rags into the most magnificent gown in the land! Cinderella s stepsisters fell at her feet and begged her to forgive them for being so mean. And Cinderella said, Of course I forgive you. She replied, that s why I want kill you but in stead you ll be curse and from know on you ll be carrying the solders ammunition in war.

Then the solders carried Cinderella to the palace, where the prince was waiting. And that s how your great-grandmothers and great-grandfather were married.


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