Descriptive Writing House Essay Research Paper Silent

Descriptive Writing House Essay, Research Paper

Silent Was The House

Silence was my companion as I walked along the lonely, dirt road. It was a dry, hot, summer’s day, I could hear my footsteps and I could see the dust rise up at my feet with each step I took. I could see that it had been a long time since anyone used this particular road. As I followed the road I discovered it led to an old abandoned house. I couldn’t help but stop for a few minutes and take in the details of the massive, strange shaped house.

I noticed, it had been a long time since this house saw any kind of attention. Poor old house. Left to die, alone, with no one to care. The paint was peeling, windows were broke, the yard was nothing but weeds and shingles had been torn from the roof, probably by past storms. This house was huge and probably gorgeous in it’s day. Three full stories. The fourth floor had a loft so one could look out and gaze upon the end of the day as the sun set on the horizon. The house also had a huge porch with large white columns supporting a balcony. If I used my imagination I could see the owners sitting on their porch swing watching the evening train roll past on the now rusting old tracks not far from the front of the house. I could see children playing hide-and-go-seek under the porch. Yes, this house was at one time, a site to behold.

As I slowly continued my walk pass the house, I could hear the wind whistling through the broken windows. I could see the remnants of the curtains moving gentle in the breeze. Another image flashed into my mind. This house also reminded me of the movie ?Psycho’ with Carl Perkins. I began to wonder what might be looking out at me from one of the dark, hollow windows. I decided to pick up the pace and walk a little faster.

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As I left the lonely, dying house behind me, my thoughts changed back to how sad it was to see such a grand house left to deteriorate and fall into ruin. I wondered about the old saying ?if only these walls could talk’, and what this house could tell me about itself. I wondered, what sights this house must have seen throughout it’s days and probably will still see long after I’m gone. Whether it had seen happiness or misery, year after year. At present, this house was definitely experiencing neglect. I wondered how much longer it could stand up against the rain and wind before it surrendered itself to nature or would man finish it off and replace it with a freeway. Perhaps it would be left alone and would continue to standing silently, ever watchful with it’s dark, window eyes pleading for someone to restore it. , long after I’m gone.

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