Global Warming Essay Research Paper Introduction Global

Global Warming Essay, Research Paper


Global warming is a term that describes the “green house” effect-that is rise in temperature of the earth. The earth’s climate is predicted to change because activities are altering the chemical composition of through the building up of green house gases-primarilyCO2, CH3, N2O and chlorofluorocarbon. These green house gases trap energy from the sun and heat would not escape back in to space. Thus, they warm our world. But problem is arising because the atmospheric concentration of green house gases increases.

So the temperature of the earth gradually increases.


Global means surface temperature have increased 0.5 – 1|f, since the late 19th century. 1998 was the warmest year on record. Snow cover in the northern hemisphere and floating ice in the Arctic Ocean has decreased. The frequency of extreme rainfall events has increased through out much of the U.S. Scientist expects that average global surface temperature could rise 1.6 – 6.3|f by 2100. Global warming could possibly cause the health related problems for example, an increase in the incidence of skin cancer duo to increased amounts of UV rays, an increase in deaths due to respiratory, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, all of which tend to increase proportionately with temperature. I believe that it is more concerning with our daily life. So I chose this topic.

Results: Global Warming

Green house gases: CO2, CH3, N2O and chlorofluorocarbons.

Causes: deforestation, human activities, industrial revolution, increased agriculture. All contribute to emission of green house gases.

Mechanism: if the photon of the right wavelength in the IR spectrum is reflected from the surface of the earth and strikes a molecule of one of the green house gases, it will cause the energy level of the valance electron shell to increase and the molecule will begin to vibrate until it returns to the ground state and the heat is returned to the surface of the Earth.


Co2 is released when solid waste, fossil fuels, wood and wood products are burned.

CH4 is emitted during the production and transport of coal, natural gas, oil, and also from decomposition of organic waste in municipal solid waste landfills.

N2O is emitted during agricultural and industrial activities.

Chlorofluorocarbans: not naturally occur but are generated in a variety of industrial processes.

carbon dioxide methane nitrous oxide fluorocarbons

76% 13% 6% 5%

This chart show how much warming could be caused by each of the gases that human activity release.

Global warming potential: Hydrofluorocarbons and Profluorocarbons is the most heat absorbent. Nitrous oxide 270 times and Methane 21 times more absorb heat than carbon dioxide.

Discussion: global warming is a major problem and can be solved if we put our heart in to it. We should worry first about our environment’s stability before we worry about our stuff like economy, warfare, and such. Everybody in this world should start cooperating with one another to solve this problem. I would propose following suggestion to reduce the amount of green house gases going in to the air.

1. Use public transportation, walk or bike to school or work

2. Use energy-efficient appliances and weatherize your home.

3. Use renewable energy sources-like solar heat or wind power-which don’t emit CO2.

4. Switch from coal and oil to natural gas in power plants and factories. Natural gas releases the least amount of carbon dioxide.

5. Reduce burning of forests and fields. Reduce, recycle and compost waste.

6. Make sure the coolant in home refrigerators is recovered before junking them.

7. Revise farming practices to reduce use of nitrogen-based fertilizers.



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