Технологии создания сетей (стр. 1 из 62)


[1]AARP Apple Adress Resolution Protocol

[1]ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode

[1]AC Access Control

[1]ACK Acknowledment

[1]ACSE Association Control Service Element

[1]ADCCP Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures

[1]ADMO Administration Management Domain

[1]ADSP AppleTalk Datastream Protocol

[1]AFI AppleTalk Filing Interface

[1]AFP AppleTalk Filing Protocol

[1]ALO At Least Once

[1]AM Amplitude Modulation

[1]AMD Advanced Micro Devices

[1]AMI Altemate Mark Inversion

[1]AMT Adress Mapping Table

[1]ANSI American National Standards Institute

[1]ANTC Advanced Networking Test Center

[1]APPC Advanced Program-to-Program Communications

[1]APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peern Networking

[1]ARM Asynchronous Response Mode

[1]ARP Adress Resolution Protocol

[1]ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

[1]AS Application System (AS/400)

[1]ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

[1]ASE Applied Service Element

[1]ASK Amplitude Shift Keying

[1]ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One

[KC AC-1]

[1]ASP AppleTalk Session Protocol

[1]ATA Arcnet Trade Association

[1]ATM Automatic Teller Machine

[1]ATP AppleTalk Transaction Protocol

[1]AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph

[1]AUI Auxiliary Unit Interface

[1]BB&N Bolt, Beranek & Newman

[1]BER Basic Encoding Rules

[1]BOC Bell Operating Company

[1]BSC Bisync Communication

[1]BSD Berkeley Software Distribution

[1]CAD Computer-Aided Design

[1]CAM Channel Access Method

[1]CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing

[1]CATV Community Access Television

[1]CCITT Consultive Commitee on International Telegraph and Telephone

[1]CD Compact Disc

[1]CD Carrier Detection

[1]CICS Customer Information Central System

[1]CLNP Connectionless Network Protocol

[1]CLNS Connectionless Network Services

[1]CMIP Common Management Information Protocol

[1]CMIS Common Management Information Services

[1]CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor


[1]CMS Conversational Monitor System

[1]CO Central Office

[1]CONS Connection Oriented Network Services

[1]COS Corporation for Open Systems

[KC AC-2]

[1]CPU Central Processing Unit

[1]CR Carriage Return

[1]CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check

[1]CRT Cathode Ray Tube

[1]CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collisoin Detection

[1]CTS Clear to Send

[1]DAP Data Access Protocol

[1]DAS Dynamically Assyned Sockets

[1]dB Decibel

[1]DCE Data Circuit Terminating Equipment

[1]DDCMP Digital Data Communication Message Protocol

[1]DDN Defense Department Network

[1]DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol

[1]DF Don't Fragment

[1]DHA Destination Hardware Adress

[1]DIB Directory Information Base

[1]DID Destination Identification

[1]DIS Draft International Standards

[1]DNA Digital Network Architecture

[1]DoD Department of Defense

[1]DOS Disk Operating System

[1]DP Draft Proposal

[1]DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus

[1]DS Directory Services

[1]DSA Directory System Alert

[1]DSA Destination Software Adress

[1]DSAP Destination Service Access Point

[1]DSR Data Set Ready

[1]DTE Data Terminal Equipment

[KC AC-3]

[1]DTR Data Transmit Ready

[1]DUA Directory User Agent

[1]EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

[1]ED End Delimiter

[1]EIA Electronic Industries Association

[1]ELAP EtherTalk Link Access Protocol

[1]EMA Enterprise Management Architecture

[1]EMI Electromagnatic Interference

[1]ENQ Enquiry

[1]EOT End of Transmission

[1]ES End System

[1]FBE Free Buffer Enquiry

[1]FCC Federal Communications Commission

[1]FCS Frame Check Sequence

[1]FDDI Fiber Distribution Data Interchange

[1]FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing

[1]FEP Front End Processor

[1]FIN Finish Flag

[1]FM Frequency Modulation

[1]FRMR Frame Reject

[1]FS Frame Status

[1]FTAM File Transfer, Access and Management

[1]FTP File Transfer Protocol

[1]GDS General Data Stream

[1]GHz Gigahertz

[1]GOSIP Government Open System Interconnection Profile

[1]HDLC High Level Data Link Control

[1]HP Hewlett Packard

[1]Hz Hertz

[KC AC-4]

[1]I/O Input/Output

[1]IAB InternetActivities Board

[1]IBM International Business Machines

[1]IC Integrated Circuit

[1]ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol

[1]IDG Interdialog Gap

[1]IDP Internetwork Datagram Protocol

[1]IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

[1]IFG Interframe Gap

[1]IHL Internet Header Length

[1]ILD Injection Laser Diode

[1]IMS Information Managment System

[1]INTAP Interoperability Technology Association for Information


[1]IP Internet Protocol

[1]IPL Initial Program Load

[1]IPX Interwork Packet Exchange

[1]IR Internetwork Router

[1]IS International Standard

[1]IS Intermediate System

[1]ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

[1]ISN Initial Sequence Number

[1]ISO International Organization for Standartization

[1[ISODE ISO Development Environment

[1]ITI Industrial Technology Institute

[1]ITT Invitation to Transmit

[1]IWU Intermediate Working Unit

[1]kHz Kilohertz

[1]LAN Local Area Network

[1]LAP Link Access Protocol

[KC AC-5]

[1]LAPB Link Access Protocol-Balanced

[1]LAPD Link Access Protocol-Digital

[1]LAT Local Area Transport

[1]LATA Local Access and Transport Areas

[1]LED Light Emmiting Diode

[1]LLAP LocalTalk Link Access Protocol

[1]LLC Local Link Control

[1]LSL Link Support Layer

[1]LU Logical Unit

[1]MAC Media Access Control

[1]MAN Metropolian Area Network

[1]MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol

[1]MAU Medium Attachment Unit

[1]Mbps Megabits per second

[1]MBps Megabyts per second

[1]MF More Fragments

[1]MHS Message Handling Service

[1]MHz Megahertz

[1]MIB Management Information Base

[1]MOP Maintenance Operation Protocol

[1]MOTIS Message Oriented Text Interchange System

[1]MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System

[1]MSAU Multi-Station Access Unit

[1]MSG Message

[1]MTA Message Transfer Agent

[1]MTS Message Transfer System

[1]MUX Multiplexer

[1]MVS Multiple Virtual Storage

[1]NAK Nagative Acknowledgment

[KC AC-6]

[1]NAUN Nearest Active Upstream Neighbor

[1]NBP Name Binding Protocol

[1]NBS National Bureau of Standards

[1]NCP Network Control Program

[1]NCP Netware Core Protocol

[1]NCR National Cash Register

[1]NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System

[1]NFS Network File System

[1]NIC Network Interface Card

[1]NIC Network Information Center

[1]NID Next Identifier

[1]NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology

[1]NLM Netware Loadable Module

[1]NRM Normal Response Mode

[1]NRZ Non-Return to Zero

[1]NRZ-I Non-Return to Zero-Inverted

[1]NRZ-L Non-Return to Zero-Level

[1]NSF National Science Foundation

[1]NVE Network Visible Entry

[1]NVTS Network Virtual Terminal Service

[1]ODI Open Data Link Interface

[1]ONC Open Network Computing

[1]OS/2 Operating System/2

[1]OSI Open System Interconnection

[1]P/F Poll/Final Bit

[1]PAC Data Packet

[1]PAD Packet Assembler/Disassembler

[1]PAP Printer Access Protocol

[1]PARC Palo Alto Research Center

[KC AC-7]

[1]PC Personal Computer

[1]PCSA Personal Computer System Architecture

[1]PDN Public Data Network

[1]PDU Protocol Data Unit

[1]PEP Packet Exchange Protocol

[1]PLP Packet Level Protocol

[1]PLU Primary Logical Unit

[1]POP Point of Presence

[1]POTS Plain Old Telephone Service

[1]PRMD Private Management Domain

[1]PSH Push Flag

[1]PSK Phrase Shift Keying

[1]PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

[1]PTT Postal Telephone and Telegraph

[1]PU Physical Unit

[1]RAM Random Access Memory

[1]PBHC Regional Bell Holding Company

[1]RD Receive Data

[1]REJ Reject

[1]RFC Request for Comment

[1]RIP Routing Information Protocol

[1]RJE Remote Job Entry

[1]RNR Receiver Not Ready

[1]ROSE Remote Operation Service Element

[1]RPC Remote Procedure Call

[1]RPL Remote Procedure Load

[1]RR Receiver Ready

[1]RS Recommended Standart

[KC AC-8]

[1]RST Reset Flag

[1]RTMP Routing Table Maintenance Protocol

[1]RTS Request to Send

[1]RTSE Reliable Transfer Service Element

[1]RZ Return to Zero

[1]SAP Service Advertising Protocol

[1]SAP Service Access Point

[1]SAS Statistically Assigned Sockets

[1]SCS SNA Character String

[1]SD Start Delimiter

[1]SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control

[1]SFD Start of Frame Delimiter

[1]SID Source Identifier

[1]SIP Service Identification Packet

[1]SLU Secondary Logical Unit

[1]SMC Standart Microsystems Corporation

[1]SMDS Switch Multimegabit Data Service

[1]SMT Station Management

[1]SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

[1]SNA System Network Architecture

[1]SNADS System Network Architecture Distributed Services

[1]SNAP Sub Network Access Protocol

[1]SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

[1]SOH Start of Header

[1]SONET Synchrjnjus Optical Network

[1]SPP Sequenced Packet Protocol

[1]SPX Sequenced Packet Exchange

[1]SQE Signal Quality Error

[1]SQL Structured Query Language

[KC AC-9]

[1]SRI Standard Research Institute

[1]SSAP Source Service Access Point

[1]SSCP System Service Control Protocol

[1]STP Shielded Twisted Pair

[1]SYN Synchronize Flag

[1]TCP Transmittion Control Protocol

[1]TCP/IP Transmittion Control Protocol/Implement Protocol

[1]TD Transmit Data

[1]TDM Time Devision Multiplexing

[1]TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol

[1]TLAP Token Ring Link Access Protocol

[1]TLI Transport Layer Interface

[1]TOS Type of Service

[1]TP Twisted Pair

[1]TPDU Transport Protocol Data Unit

[1]TP[#] Transport Protocol - Class #

[1]TSO Time Sharing Option

[1]TTL Time to Live

[1]TTS Transaction Tracking System

[1]TTY Teletype

[1]TV Television

[1]UA User Account

[1]UDP User Datagram Protocol

[1]UHF Ultra High Frequency

[1]UI Unnumbered Information

[1]ULP Upper Layer Protocol

[1]URG Urgent Flag

[1]UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair

[1]VAP Value Added Process

[KC AC-10]

[1]VAX Virtual Access Extended

[1]VHF Very High Frequency

[1]VM Virtual Mashine

[1]VMS Virtual Memory System

[1]VSE Virtual Storage Extended

[1]VT Virtual Terminal

[1]VTAM Virtual Terminal Access Method

[1]WAN Wide Area Network

[1]WD Woring Document

[1]XDR External Data Representation

[1]XNS Xerox Network System

[1]XO Exactly Once

[1]ZIP Zone Information Protocol

[1]ZIT Zone Information Table

[KC AC-11]

Данное учебное пособие является точным переводом с английского

языка учебных материалов фирмы Novell по курсу 200 "Networking

Technologies Course Student Manual", оно разработано для обучения по

курсу "Технологии создания сетей ЭВМ", проводимому фирмой Novell или

же авторизованными образовательными центрами фирмы Novell. В учебнике

содержится информация, необходимая для программистов, инженеров и всех

тех, кто стремится более глубоко понять технологические аспекты построения

сетей ЭВМ. Учебник написан в форме рабочей тетради, включающей разъяснение

концепций, описание Эталонной модели взаимодействия открытых систем,

функциональное описание различных сетевых платформ, контрольные вопросы

для закрепления материала, оставлено место для заметок, а также

необходимые справочные данные.

Перевод осуществлен фирмой ЭЛКО Технологии-Университет

под редакцией доктора технических наук профессора Сухомлина В.А.

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[0]Приложение А [2]Литература

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