Kinglois Xvi Essay Research Paper Kinglois XVIVersailles

Kinglois Xvi Essay, Research Paper

Kinglois XVI

Versailles, France

Dear honorable Kinglois XVI

My friends and I were wondering about how high the Taxes are in this town, and that it would be much better if the 1st and 2nd estates were taxed as well as us. You would benefit from this idea very much because of how much more the 1st and 2nd estates bring in the money. So they pay more taxes and in turn you get richer, the city looks better, our wonderful army and navy can afford better weapons etc. I can go on and on over, how much it would be better for our wonderful country and you.

My friends were also wondering about the feudalistic dues, That hang over our head. And that s its not fair to have the 3rd estate have to have the and the nobles do not. If You would just allow us to get better jobs and make more money we would be able to pay off our debts and in turn pay more taxes. The city worker or the rural workers are complaining about how much money the make compared to the 1st and the 3rd estate. I you could just let them have better jobs the would be a lot happier, and by doing that they would half to pay higher taxes , and therefor you would get richer.

The Bourgeoisie are doing pretty good considering that they make a lot more money that we do, they don t have any feudalistic dews hanging over their head. I was wondering if you could just give us more land to grow our crops on. Then we could get paid more and in turn we would actually be able to pay our taxes and be able to survive.

We would also wonder if you would be able to build the army different houses so they wouldn t half to live with us, and eat our food, take our beds etc. It would be a huge load off our back. I would also like to tell you that you are doing a great job as a king and absolute monarch. My friends and I were also wondering that you would allow us to kill the animals that eat our crops and destroy our land. It a very big deal to me and all of the other people to see our crops be torn up, and that we cant do a thing about it.

I would also like you to consider that the nobles are just like us, they eat what we eat, thet were what we can were, they walk just like we walk. We are the same as you, you are just born into what you are today. Just take in consider the things which I have written.

To the Loyal King Louis XVI

Jason Carothers


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