Destructors Human Nature Essay Research Paper Human

Destructors Human Nature Essay, Research Paper

Human Nature

Human nature is at the heart of every political ideology. It is the system that springs up from the core ideas depending on a particular attitude regarding human nature. Human nature at the root is what we are, and what it means to be human, if anything. Human nature is an old idea, once humanity began to get a sense of it self beginning with early philosophy. The oldest view of human nature is a negative view of humanity. It holds that we are basically savage animals, and flawed beings. At first glance, there is much to support this notion.

The story ?The Destructors? takes place sometime after World War 2 in war torn, bombed out London. This story is about the effect violence and wars have on the minds of young children who grow up in it. They become desensitized to it and think little of doing it them selves. It also talks about human pride. Pride often causes people to place their own image of independence and strength above anything else, causing misunderstandings and conflicts. Individuals can feel threatened by acts of kindness or charity, blocking harmony and progress. The boys are worried that the gift of chocolate to them from Mr. Thomas threatens their image of independence. Blackie and the gang are proud of their position, and of their independence from adults and Old Misery. They play ball against his house, perhaps expecting him to protest and somehow challenge their sense of strength; However, Old Misery (Mr. Thomas) offers them chocolate in a time when chocolate was rare and treasured. He even tried to make it seem that he didn?t want it. The gang rejected his offering, fearing that he was bribing them. Instead of breeding harmony between the gang and Mr. Thomas, pride caused the gang to remain antagonistic toward him, and continue in their destructive patterns of behavior.

The human nature in general is to be influenced by society. The society around the delinquents is corrupt by World War 2 where the gangs have suffered losses. Violence and war have lasting effects on everyone, especially children. When people are forced to endure war for a lengthy period of time, they often become callused, desensitized, and accustomed to the violent environment, so much that they even may inadvertently support it. When something, such as the old house, stands out against the impression they have of their environment, they react against it, going along with T.?s desire to knock it down. The beauty and delicacy of the house are foreign and therefore unwanted in this community they live in. Even the lorry driver finds the final demolition funny, indicating that this sense of destruction and violence has become quite universal in the community.

The root of human nature is our sociability. Humans are social animals we?re primates. Humans need and desire association with our own kind, which forms the basis for our whole society. In society there are rules and order to be followed which should prevent us from doing harm to another like Mr. Thomas. In the movie ?The Wall? there was a black bird in the dark sky which represented Germany of World War 2 come down and take a piece of England or humanity; it also brought destruction to the world. If human nature and his past could justify Trevor?s destructive actions then one might also be able to justify the actions of Germany. One might easily be able to say that Trevor is no different from Germany for taking something delicate and beautiful away from old Mr. Thomas. I think that if one could find enough reasons to behave destructive or be harm full to another then that same person should be able to find enough reasons not to.

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