Marketing Essay Research Paper r 110499 TR

Marketing Essay, Research Paper

r. 11/04/99 TR 2:30-3:45 Marketing Strategies Penetration Thomas

Nelson uses different marketing strategies to penetrate the market to increase

sales. The NKJV Bible is aggressively marketed when the product falls short

of sales goals or the company is trying to break into a new market. They use

strategies such as paying Christian music groups to encourage and sell the

Bible while they are on tour singing. The most important strategy is the NKJV

relaunch. This technique is a promotional that pushes extra advertising

through different avenues such as bookstore displays, magazines (Christian

retail and consumer magazines), increasing advertising on TV/Radio, and

direct mailing. Market Development The NKJV Bible has covered all the

markets that were intended by Thomas Nelson. Unless something new

occurs in the industry they cannot sell there. The product is at a mature stage

of development. They have different market divisions that sell the Bible all

over the world. The International Division sells translated versions into other

languages. The Trade Division sells the NKJV to bookstores everywhere

with an established relationship. The Mass Marketing Division sells the

NKJV to businesses, non-profit and profit, and all ministries. The Direct

Division sells the NKJV through telemarketing and direct mailing. Product

Development Thomas Nelson is always trying to find out new and improved

ways to satisfy the customer through product development. The Marketing

Division team is constantly studying the market and researching what

products they like and how to fulfill consumer needs. During this process the

Publishing Division meets with the Sales Division to find out what the

consumer needs. After this is done they take a new idea to the board. One of

the most recent developments is a new Bible for children that have a

night-light so they can read it at night. Another new product is the girls Bible

that has a strap like a purse. Thomas Nelson is constantly trying to find new

ways to satisfy consumer needs through R&D. Diversification Thomas

Nelson has a wide variety of products that help diversify what they sell. They

sell many different styles of the NKJV Bible such as the adult version, a

child’s version, and a Bible for toddlers. They also sell Bibles for certain

denominations like the Catholic Bible and the Greek Orthodox Bible. Each

Bible can be found in different age groups for better understanding and are all

printed in different translations such as the NKJV, NIV, REB, and the

NRSV. Thomas Nelson sells many other books for adults and children,

which are mostly Christian-related. The company also sells items like

T-shirts, videos, CD-ROMs, and other things you might find in a gift shop.

Target Markets Every NKJV Bible that Thomas Nelson sells is targeted

different demographically but sold together to fulfill the needs of all people

with no limits. The Bible is targeted to all ages, incomes, genders, cultures,

and races because its key function is to spread the gospel throughout the

world. There is a good portion that targets ministries and Christians because

of their faith and their use of the Bible constantly, but there is also a good

portion that targets people who are unbelievers outside of the church world.

The NKJV Bible is sold and offered all over the world. Thomas Nelson

being the largest Christian communications company in the world. They are a

global market geographically and market their Bibles in all major cities and

countries in the world. You can find these Bibles in bookstores and Christian

outlets in all major cities and countries in the world. Everyone is part of the

target market and it doesn’t matter what kind of activities you are involved in

and what interests and opinions you have. Thomas Nelson focuses on the

Christian and Non- Christian secular divisions. The psychographics of an

individual does not exclude them from the target market, but they do have a

division that focuses on fulfilling the needs of the church. People who are

believers or false believers are a big part of the target market who are

interested and are involved in activities that integrate with Bible values, such

as church-going and living a daily Christian life. The behavioristic approach

tends to integrate with the psychographics of the target market. Once again,

peoples’ attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and personalities don’t exclude them

from being part of the target market. People who believe are just as

important as those who don’t believe. Many of the Bibles are sold to those

who believe in God, people who are new in the faith, and people who want

to possibly become Christians. These Bibles are not limited to any certain

area or different kinds of people, the purpose of the Gospel is reach all,

because the Lord’s will is that none perish.


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