Shakespeares Work Essay Research Paper Correct analization

Shakespeares Work Essay, Research Paper

Correct analization of Shakespeare’s work has and always will be the question on every reader’s mind. In our case, Othello has simple yet twisted turns throughout the story. Not only does the plot of this story introduce William Shakespeare’s thoughts, but what he is capable of, from a writing stand point.

Othello is considered one of Shakespeare’s most “fast-paced” play. Most of the action is gathered into one day and all the scenes begin in the middle of conversations between characters. Except for act I, the whole story is based in Cyprus. Being that the play jumps from scene to scene, between the first act which is based in Venice and each of the other acts, the plot is thought out to be a couple of hours between each scene. The elopement at midnight between Othello and Desdemona to the morning storm in Cyprus, Shakespeare only gives six hours between each major scene. The impression the play holds is that the whole play occurs in 2-3 days.

The plot though is fairly direct. It focuses on the love between Othello and Desdemona, and what tries to come between them. It all starts when Othello and Desdemona’s mid-night elopement is notified to her father Senator Brabantio by Iago and Roderigo. Othello and Desdemona are immediately brought in front of the Duke of Venice where Brabantio claims Othello seduced his daughter with witchcraft. Othello explains his love for her and when Desdemona is called to testify, she assures them that her love to Othello is true. When appointed to General of Defense, Othello is sent to fight against the Turks, and allows Desdemona to go, as long as she follows in another boat with Iago Othello’s “friend”. When arriving at Cyprus, Iago starts plotting against Othello and hints that Desdemona has been unfaithful. Upset and hurt, Othello tells Desdemona to say her last prayer and kills her soon later that night. Immediately, Iago’s wife Emilia finds the truth and tells Othello of Iago’s doings. Knowing of his wrong doings, he stabs himself and collapses next to his dead wife.

Though some of William Shakespeare’s work is unjustifiable, Othello has a very clear meaning behind it. Iago, Othello’s close friend led him to believe that Desdemona was a cheater and clearly unfaithful. Without question, Othello’s love for Desdemona quickly turned into hatred. His refusal to accept “his loves” argument resulted in heartbreak and betrayal from Iago. Shakespeare makes it obvious that there is a reason why a person falls in love. The trust, friendship and loyalty should withstand anything and everything else in each other’s life. With that, Othello treated Desdemona no better than a stranger on a street, which resulted in her death and many people’s deaths. It proves that a person, no matter what should jump to conclusions because it will only produce negativity, In our case death.

Othello was the main character in Shakespeare’s Othello. He was a kind and noble man that fell under the evil power of jealousy. His love for Desdemona was greater than any other, and that is why even the thought of his wife cheating on him drove him to madness. I believe that Othello was a very weak and insecure man, because he easily fell into Iago’s trap. Even though he never saw any real proof of his wife’s unfaithfulness, Iago’s constant remarks where enough to win his heart, and turn him against his

innocent and loving wife.

The other very important character in this play was Iago. He was a very

cunning and sly individual that had the power to turn friends into foes. His plan was very well though out, and it would have worked if Othello hadn’t killed Desdemona. He managed to turn Othello against his dear friend Cassio, and made him kill his wife. He used Roderigo by telling him that in the end Desdemona will be his, but in the end Roderigo was left with nothing. I think that Iago was a very smart man, because he used his power of persuasion to make every character in play work to his advantage.

Desdemona was the sweet and innocent wife of the moor, Othello. She was caught in the middle of Iago’s evil plan and unfortunately didn’t manage to survive. Desdemona loved and cared for Othello with all her heart, she even betrayed her father to be his wife. She was portrayed in the play as a very devoted wife that didn’t know about the lies that were being told to Othello. Through all the troubles and misfortunes that occurs to Othello, she stays by his side hoping that he will one day love her as before.

The other character that falls under the evil spell of Iago was Cassio. He was a loving friend of Othello and never wanted to do any harm to him. One night Iago persuaded Cassio into drinking with him, which later led to Cassio being removed from his position. When this happened he went to Iago for advice thinking that Iago was a good friend and this was how he fell into Iago’s trap. He thought that Iago was going to help him regain his position, but Iago had other plans for him. Throughout the play Roderigo was seen as Iago’s puppet. He believed Iago’s lies, and did everything that he told him to, hoping to have Desdemona’s love at the end. He was fooled by Iago’s promises like many others in the play. He fought Cassio in the play, then vanished, but when he came back he was angry at Iago because he still didn’t have Desdemona. But Iago once again lied to the foolish and Gullible Roderigo, and used him to his advantage.

Emilia was Iago’s wife in the play. She was a dear friend of Desdemona and was very bothered by her death. Emilia was also very devoted to her husband, and she did many things for him without knowing who she would be hurting. For example when she found Desdemona’s handkerchief she knew that her husband Iago wanted it, so she gave it to him. She didn’t know that that handkerchief would cost someone his or her life. In the end she realized her husbands scheme, but it was already too late.

William Shakespeare, the famous poet, actor, and playwright, was born in 1564, around April 23 (his exact date of birth is not known but this is when it is celebrated). He was the first born son of 8 children, and the third born of Shakespeare’s seven siblings, there were three boys, Edmund, Richard, and Gilbert, one girl, Joan, and three others who died during infancy. Shakespeare’s father, John was known as a glove maker, a farmer, and a butcher. His mother, Mary Arden, came from a wealthy family. The Shakespeare family lived in a small house in a city in England called Stratford-upon-Avon. William went to a local school and attained an average education. He would later use his experiences and curiosity of the world to write wonderful plays that would entertain the world for hundreds of years. Shakespeare had a chance to receive a scholarship, which was provided for the youth of Stratford but it was denied so Shakespeare did not attend a university. Shakespeare’s life probably would have turned out much different if he had gone to a University. When Shakespeare was 18, in 1582, he married a woman seven years older than him named Anne Hathaway. In 1583 Anne gave birth to their daughter Susanna. Then in 1585 they had twins, Hamnet and Judith. Due to an incidence where Shakespeare went poaching in a private park, belonging to Sir Francis Englefield, he had to move to London, far from his family. He had no job, no food, and no money. He began to earn food and a place to stay by taking care of horses at the entrance of the theatres. He then moved up to having the job of calling the actors on stage while he was backstage. He became involved in publishing a piece of writing. Shakespeare’s first effort of writing a dramatic play was rejected and never shown. Next he wrote two plays, Pericles and Titus Andronicus that did become successful. Later he wrote several more plays, even after the criticism and putdowns, he never gave up and continued with many more successful writings. After 20 years of writing he moved back to Stratford where he died on April 23 1616. The reason of Shakespeare’s death is not


James owned the Theatre, which was later to be known as The Globe

Burbage. In 1597 James Burbage died, leaving The Theatre to his two sons, who later tore down the theatre and in less than eight months built The Globe. In order to finance the construction of The Globe the Burbages gave half ownership of the theatre to five members of the Chamberlains Men, one of which was William Shakespeare. For the next ten years the Globe was the stage of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. Unfortunately in 1613 a fire during a performance of Henry VIII destroyed The Globe. However, no time was wasted in rebuilding The Globe, and by June 1614 the new theatre opened. The costumes that were used in Shakespeare’s Othello were very traditional at the time. Women wore exquisite long dresses to show their beauty and innocence. They also wore corsets to show the curves on their body so they could look more feminine, while men wore fancy shirts that flared around their necks and wrists. But we must also keep in mind that in Shakespeare’s time Woman were also played by men, or rather young boys, because women weren’t allowed to be in plays. The point of the costumes were to make the woman (or men) look more gentle and feminine, while making the men look rough and handsome.


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