Jules Verne Essay Research Paper BYERIC CARLSON

Jules Verne Essay, Research Paper

BY:ERIC CARLSON JULES VERNE [titled in Germany] was born in 1828 in the seaport town of Nantes, France. He was from a family whose father was a lawyer. As a boy , Jules sat at the docks listening to sailors’ tales of faraway places and imaging himself exploring unknown worlds. At a 11 Verne ran-away from his family and home . Jules was 12 when he ran away again, he longed to stow away on a ship bound for sail to India. But his father pulled Jules off the ship and gave him a severe beating. However, Jules vowed to continue to travel from then on – but only in his imagination .

Verne began to amaze his friends with his drawings of machines. Most of them where flying machines. In his teens he was called a real ladies man , he was considered the “cutest.” Also, in his teens he started writing tragic romance plays. He received no support from his family they just laughed at him.

No Longer encouraged to write , Jules decided; on his father influence, to go to Paris to study law. In Paris, Verne became friends with Alexander Dumas [the author of Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.] People believe Jules’ cause of going back to writing was Alexander Dumas. Jules gave up law and started writing again. His stories did not sell, worth a hundredth of a franc.

Jules married a young widow with two children. He got a job in stock exchange in Paris to support his family. Because of his job he needed to wake up a ” little early.” around five o’ clock A.M. , so he had no time to write a book.

Jules wrote a new book about balloon trips with no name. Every editor who saw it turned him down. One day Verne threw it into the fire. His wife rescued the manuscript , replaced the charred cover , and persuaded him to offer it one more time. This time the editor told him to make a few changes. It was published in 1863 as Five Weeks in a Balloon . It was a success over night. Jules Verne began writing once more.

Jules Verne wrote over hundred books. Jules was known as ” the man who invented the future .” He invented the helicopter in ” The Clipper of the Clouds.” He invented the rocket in ” The Earth to the Moon” and also he invented the submarine in ” Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” These are just examples of a great writer where his imagination finally caught in time.

Popular books: 1.20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

2 .Around the World in 80 days

3 .Journey to the Center of the Earth


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