Richard Nixon Essay Research Paper Richard Milhouse

Richard Nixon Essay, Research Paper

Richard Milhouse Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California in 1913. His

father, Frank Nixon, had many failing businesses that took the family

different places. His mother, Hannah Nixon, had two boys before Richard,

both died young.

After high school, Nixon attended Duke University. He tried twice to

become class president. Finally he succeeded. Soon after his college

schooling, Nixon enrolled in the Navy. War broke out and he was sent to

fight. He was stationed at Green Island however, he never saw any combat

action. He was a ration-distributor. When discharged, he had acquired

the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Soon after discharge he was “invited” into politics. His stance of

anti-communism made him well-respected. Good in debates, Nixon was a

shoe-in. Soon he began his political struggle. He challenged Voorhis for

a district seat in the California House of Representatives.

Astoundingly, he won.

After acquiring some political power, he decide to move up more. He soon

set his sights on the US Senate. He defeated the expected senator: Ms.

Douglas. Thereafter he wanted more; vice-president was the next goal.

He was voted in with President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He went through

many political high points, such as the Caracas Mob incident, where

Nixon was taken hostage. The “Kitchen Debate”, noted as a high point for

Nixon, where he and the Russian leader discussed issues in a kitchen.

With Eisenhower, he served two terms. Nixon’s next goal was to become

the President of the United States.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon ran for the presidency. As it

turned out, Kennedy and Johnson won by a mere 120,000 votes. It was

believed Kennedy had bought Texas and Illinois. Johnson soon became

president after Kennedy’s assassination. Now, Nixon would try again.

Nixon beat Hubert Humphrey with some political strategy. He told the

citizens of the US he would stop the war in Vietnam and make it better.

In the long run he only made it worse. He would be, soon, our first

president to resign.

It was when Nixon pulled off a huge upset for his second term. At first,

nobody thought anything of it. Burglars broke into the Watergate Hotel

stealing Democratic plans. Soon tempers rose, and implications pointed

to Nixon. He was becoming short-fused and furious. Finally, he resigned

to escape impeachment. So it would become to be known as one of the most

embarrassing moments in US history.

Nixon was a brilliant man. He gave good speeches and provided examples

to others. He was a good president. He was a good president that made a

bad decision. A good man, and he will always be a part of US History.


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