Le Grand Meaulnes Essay Research Paper In

Le Grand Meaulnes Essay, Research Paper

In all walks of life many people are different, however they all share common similarities. These similarities can be considered more important than all the differences. In the novel Le Grand Meaulnes, by Alain ? Fournier, the author depicts Valentine Blondeau as a young female who is adventurous. On the other hand, Yvonne de Galais is portrayed as a fragile, down-to-earth female who is very stable. Despite their differences, they both like the same man, Meaulnes. Both characters can be compared and contrasted by their background, Personalities and, last but not least, their relationship with Meaulnes.

Valentine is a vigorous woman whose family is very poor. Due to the unfortunate status of her family she works as a seamstress. Her father also works as a farmer, but these jobs are nearly enough for them to have a decent life. Unlike Valentine, Yvonne is descended from upper class family. She doesn?t have to work. Unfortunately, her father wasted most of his fortune on his son?s wedding and Yvonne has to adapt to a new way of living.

Their personalities are opposite from each other. Valentine is a realistic person. For example, valentine jilted Frantz the day of the wedding, because Frantz sees her as a princess, and she is only the daughter of a poor farmer. She also is adventurous. After she left Frantz, she left to a journey to Paris. On the other hand, Yvonne is less realistic than Valentine. She portrays herself as a princess. Unlike Valentine, she is a stable woman that adventures are not an option for her. She is also view as a mother figure, when she is playing the piano for the children.

Meaulnes is a man that both of these women fall in love with. Valentine meets Meaulnes in Paris while he is searching for Yvonne. Valentine is similar to Meaulnes, because he likes to take adventures. Meaulnes leaves Valentine when he finds out that she is Frantz?s fianc?e. Yvonne meets Meaulnes in Yvonne?s house. When they both met, Meaulnes view her as the perfect woman. After Meaulnes leaves Valentine, he finds Yvonne and asks her to marry him. A day after there marriage, Meaulnes leaves Yvonne in search for Valentine. When he finds Valentine he reunites her with Frantz, but at that time he finds out that his wife is dead while having their child.

In the novel Le Grand Meaulnes, written by Alain ? Fournier, we see how the characters Valentine and Yvonne felt in love with the same man. Even though, they came from two different social settings, they both pursued the object of their affection, which happened to be the same. From this we can see that regardless what differences they may share, similarities will always exist.


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