TV Violence Essay Research Paper In our

T.V Violence Essay, Research Paper

In our life, we have 24 hours in a day for us to spend. People needs at least 8 hours sleeping per day. However, they usually sleep less than that. What they usually do in those 16 hours? Adults spend most of their time on work. Besides, teenagers spend most of their time on work and school especially when they get older and older. It seems that they never have enough time to do what they want to do. Also, we have less and less time for our friends and family. We always use we are busy at our work or school work as an excuse. But why we let the time to control us instead of we get control on our life and time? We should notice that God created human beings to control and organize everything, including time.

As our life becomes more complicated than before. We want a higher standard of living and spend most of the time on work in order to improve our living. There is no doubt that people can easily improve their standard of living if they work harder. But I bet most of the parents want to spend time with their kids and enjoy family day rather than anything else. Unfortunately, they barely have dinner or even lunch with their kids. But they always have a well-organized schedule. Meeting with a client in the morning, having lunch with boss, engaging in social activities at night, going on a business trip and spending time with kids is rarely to be on their schedule. They do not notice that their kids maybe just want them to sit down and talk to them for 15 minutes or half an hour. If they can get some time from their parents, they will be happy for the whole day.

Kids are no longer kids anymore. They study in college and become to be teenagers. They start working for a part time job because they want to earn more money, so that they can buy whatever they want. Among of teenagers choices such as school, work, family and friends, most teenagers would choose school and work. They have to go to school in the morning; besides, some of those may need to go work after school. Also, they need to finish their homework and study at night. Do they still have time for friends and even family? In my opinion, I do not believe so. Sometimes, they might want to hang out with their friends; however, because of the lack of time, they hardly can make it. One of the best things to be a teenager is to hang out and have fun with friends. But not all of them can have time to enjoy this kind of fun. It is so hard to develop a true friendship if you seldom spend time on it.

In conclusion, nowadays people seem like lack of love between each other. They usually concentrate on their work, or school. They cannot allocate time very well for their family and friends. However, I believe that although people are living for work, they should give some times for people whom they love and care other than works or school. I believe that if people can live under this way, life would be enjoyable as they could find love among it.


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