Gas Vs Electric Essay Research Paper The

Gas Vs. Electric Essay, Research Paper

The Greatest Challenge Facing the World Today

Problems tend to exist no matter what part of the world you explore. As each day goes by many new problems arise involving people of all nationalities. There is never one distinct complication among the many presently introduced that needs attention. Yet there are problems that do deserve immediate action. One of these major dilemmas would be the gasoline price. People experiencing these prices are being forced to pay enormous amounts of hard earned money while traveling to and from necessary destinations. This income could be used for more important aspects in life such as personal expenses. Commercial organizations are highly affected by the increasing prices. For example, farmers have to spend more money to pay for the gasoline in their tractors. This can eventually lead to the corruption of this agricultural industry. The outrageous gasoline costs are one of the many challenges affecting the world today.

It is no secret that the automobile has become an important aspect of everyday life. It makes travel much easier due to the fact that the destination point will be reached in a substantial amount of time. As the years have gone by the cars we purchase have escalated in price. The cause of this is due to the advanced equipment, which is now placed in these vehicles. Not only is there a high price being paid for the vehicle, but there are also the outrageous gasoline expenses along with this initial payment. With both the gasoline and automobile price increasing there are complications that arise. A large percent of the population may not have the option to invest their money into such a costly expense. If the work forces of America do not have transportation to their jobs, then an extreme crisis could evolve. It would be a disgrace for this nation to fall due to overpriced gasoline.

It has been stated that pollution is the reason for the high gasoline costs. People are driving too much without considering the clean air that they are ruining. OPEC (Organization Petroleum Exporting Countries) is the group in charge of setting the gasoline rate. They could construct some type of compromise with their customers to improve the situation. A certain standard can be set for those traveling in a big number. This would give those who are car-pooling a lower cost for gasoline. At the same time it will benefit both the customers and the environment we live in.

Then again, there is always the possibility that respect may not be given to the customers. OPEC is getting their money and not taking any time out to worry about the people paying a justified amount to obtain gasoline. Therefore, the next option may be introduced. Everyone should purchase gasoline only when necessary and carpool whenever the opportunity is present. This will result in salvaging more clean air and giving the persons selling the gasoline a lesser amount of profit than they are used to. Another option would be to use electric cars as a primary use for transportation. The outcome of this situation is a positive either way. The gasoline prices could go down due to the lack of profit. Or the air we breathe will be easier to inhale.

If action is not taken now, then the gasoline problem could advance into much bigger issues. Major businesses or communities, for example, could reach a disaster point. Money will become scarce and problems are bound to erupt. Due to the income lost to the numerous purchases of gasoline, an unfavorable atmosphere could be created with each visit to the gas station. The small problem involving gasoline now may proceed to a higher level if it is not controlled.

Among the many predicaments in the world the price of gasoline is one of the most popular problems. A more appropriate cost for gasoline would bring a great deal of relief to vehicle owners. Everyday lives for the workers of America include enough stress as it is. One problem they do not need is paying for overpriced gasoline. This causes nothing but unnecessary problems.


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