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I would like to talk to you about how to write a paper in English 101. In this

paper I will explain how to first do some kind of pre-writing, writing your

first draft, correcting that draft, and finally writing the final draft. If you

follow these steps carefully, your paper should turn out to be an A, and

hopefully your English teacher will be very proud of you.

First in order to write a successful paper you must do some kind of

pre-writing. In this stage of the paper, you can do one of several methods.

You can do some free writing, where you can write down as many ideas on the

subject that you could possibly think of to get an idea on how your paper is

going to be formed. Also, making as list is a good idea. When making a list,

it is similar to free writing, you list all the facts that you know on the

subject and group the facts together to form what will be paragraphs. Lastly in

the stage of pre-writing, one can make a diagram. When doing this you should

have a general idea on how the paper is going to be broken down. When making a

diagram, a person is basically making an outline of their paper, with a thesis

statement on top, three or four main ideas, some supporting details for each of

those ideas, and a final statement.

When you use one of those methods, you are starting off on the right track to

receive an A for the paper.

Second, you should write some kind of rough draft. In the rough draft, which

should never be turned in as the final copy, you are putting together all of

your work in your pre-writing stage to form something that should look similar

to what will be your final draft. Now you shouldn t be worried about spelling

and grammar, but getting ideas to all fit together to make the paper look and

sound good. This is a very important part of the writing process that without,

your paper will get torn to shreds and full of ink when you get it back.

Next, you must go over this paper and make all corrections necessary to

convince the reader or teacher in this case that you are not an ignorant person.

You should read over the paper a couple of times to make for sure that all

spelling and punctuation. Then read the paper over to see if there are

sentences that don t quite fit the paragraph and doesn t really get the point

across of what you are trying to explain. You should have marks all over your

paper, even if you are an experienced writer. When you are making these

corrections, you should put yourself in the position of the reader and pretend

that you know nothing of the subject and be very critical. Some students have

other critique their paper. This helps so that there is no bias on the

correcting. This method is also very effective to perfect your writing

masterpiece. When these steps are done successfully, it will make a world of

wonder on your final draft.

Lastly you must write the final draft. When you get to this stage of the

paper, you have completed most all of the hard work needed in writing a

successful paper. In this writing, make sure that you are typing this on a

computer or typewriter. A neat written paper is necessary for a good first

impression. Also, make for sure that you are making all corrections from your

rough draft at this time. When you complete this final draft, you should check

this draft over one final time and do one final spell check. When these are

complete, your paper is fine tuned and ready to turn in.

When successfully following all of these steps in the writing process, you will

have hopefully written a paper worthy of a good grade. When a person takes

their time in pre-writing, writing, checking, and then the final draft, they

have put fourth the effort of a real writer. If everything sounds good, you

will receive an A.


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