Michael Jordan Essay Research Paper Critical Essay

Michael Jordan Essay, Research Paper

Critical Essay On A CNN Article At:


Mr. Jordan

CNN resource reports the Michael Jordan effect on the economy. Michael

Jordan is as CNN states “golden marking tool “. Michael Jordan makes much

less that he is worth. With the impact he put on the economy Michael


should be able to receive any amount of payment he ask for. Michael

Jordan is Mr. Indorse. Michael is an advertising icon. Today Michael

Jordan indorses for some of the major companies in the field today.

Michael Jordan indorses for the top name brand shoe in the word Nike. He

also peddles products for McDonalds, Oakley, Hanes, long distance company

WorldCom, and Gatorade.

Michael Jordan also have his own clothing line. Michael Jordan

also have his on fragrance. Michael owns his own restaurant in Chicago .

where he often attend twice a week to evaluate the service. Michael

Jordan recently Open up his on golf company which is name after him.

This newest venture Attracts millions of golfers. Michael Jordan also has

his own line of golf clothing. As you can see Michael Jordan is a very

busy man. He is as active off the court as he is on the court.

On the court Michael Jordan is the same type of man. He takes care of

his busy first then after it time for fun. Michael Jordan is as the CNN

states the

greatest athlete ever to play the game, he is best there is, the best

there was the

best there every will be. Michael Jordan is basketball; basketball would

completely drop a level when or if he leave. The NBA doesn’t have a

player that

has the skills, accomplishments, or character of a Michael Jordan.

Everything he

brings to the game is unique.

Michael Jordan is 35 years of age. Jordan ranked 1st in the NBA in points

per game averaging (28.7), ranked 16th in the NBA in steals per game


(1.72), ranked 17th in the NBA in minutes per game averaging (38.8). These


just the 1997-1998 season statistics. With this short introduction of


Jordan one would ask himself why would one consider him as over paid.


won’t I give him what he deserves as a busy man and an athlete. Jordan is


greatest of the game. The NBA deprive not only themselves but also the

fans of

seeing the phenomenal, the dominant, the supreme, and the optimum of

basketball? For someone to bring to the table of the NBA what Jordan and

to the

world what Jordan has brought, I do not understand why would anyone


him as over paid.

Knowing all of that about Michael Jordan one would question himself

about just how much is Jordan appraisal. Today with all the resource I


done Michael Jordan is value at 43.7 billion dollars. Through statistics I


learn to appreciate Jordan but on the court and off the court. So, think

about it is

Jordan overpaid or underpaid. Some seem to think both but if you do the

resource that I have then you also will be able to appreciate Jordan as

the most

expensive athlete ever.


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