Grand Unified Theory Essay Research Paper Final

Grand Unified Theory Essay, Research Paper

Final essay 7

Essay 7

There are many laws to help us understand motion and the way things move and work. Most of the modern excepted theories were either thought up by Sir Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein, and Greene?s theory tried to tie them all together.

Sir Isaac Newton came up with the 3 general laws of motion to help describe how things work. His first law is based on the Galilieo?s ideas. An object in motion stays in motion, until an outside force acts on the object. His second law states that the force of an object is equal to the amount of the mass times the acceleration. For example, take a rock and throw it. The heavier the rock is and the faster you throw it, the harder the rock will make an impact. Sir Isaac Newton?s third law states that any action, has an equal and opposite reaction. Example; you turn and bump a glass, the force from your hand knocks the glass over. The glass falls and brakes as a result of the force exerted on it.

Albert Einstein?s main theory is his theory of relativity. This theory states that motion and time are relative. For example, if you look out the window of a moving train, to you it appears that the trees maybe moving as you remain still, where as in actuality the opposite is true. It also states time is relative. An airplane flying around the world with an atomic clock attached proved this. An identical clock was left on the ground. When the plane landed, the clock in the airplane was slightly behind the clock left on the ground. Thus proving, time is relative.

Another theory of the way things work is the string theory. Greene proposed the String theory. The string theory states that all particles are actually in the shape of tiny strings. This theory is the theory that tries to tie all the theories together to form one idea on how things work.

To this day people are still trying to prove the string theory. As of now they almost have it. There are a few parts in the math they can?t quite prove yet but once they do the question of how the universe works would be solved forever.


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