War War War Essay Research Paper

War War War Essay, Research Paper

Dear Christine,

This cursed war has separated me from you. I can not go through a day without

thinking of you And the moments we shared with each other. Through the restless nights

of this seemingly endless battle, nothing gives me peace, but the thought of you being in

my arms. Each moment of bliss achieved by such thoughts are nevertheless hampered by

the shrills of human beings dying. I can not bear the thought of you being broken hearted

if I do not return. I shall continue on fighting for what is morally right and to set help

unit this nation once more, but more importantly I am fighting to see you again.

As I write to you, we are progressing to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to engage

Confederate troops who are determined to cut off Washington, D. C, from the rest of the

Union. We are being lead by General George Meade, who is one of the bravest of

individuals on this battle field….We have taken defensive position along a ridge south of

the town and plan to force the confederates to attack….My hands are trembling….I am

nervous….I have received word that the Confederate army(lead by George Pickett) come

by the thousands and are determined to break this line….I must get a hold of myself…. I

will make it through this battle and be with you again. I will continue on, even if takes

eternity to be with you again.

It is the second day of this battle in Gettysburg. Bodies lay dead by the hundreds

and the stench of decaying bodies is overwhelming. The Confederate army continue

their attack on the Union. Their actions seem futile for they still haven?t broken through

our defensive peraminters which stretch for miles. Hours have of this never ending

slaughter. Unions and Confederates are simply American individuals. Brothers, cousins,

and other family members are fighting each other….I have relized that this sensless

fighting must come to an end…and I have sined against my fellow men….This battle must

come to end! and this on going battle should determine that end…..


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