Henry Viii Diary Essay Research Paper Henry

Henry Viii Diary Essay, Research Paper

Henry VIII

Name: My name is Henry Tudor, Duke of York, or as I am better known, Henry VIII.

Parents Names: My father was none other than the great King Henry VII, who was sovereign of England from 1485 to 1509, My mother was Elizabeth of York.

Brothers & Sisters: My eldest brother was Arthur, born in 1486, who married Catherine of Aragon. Margaret, my eldest sister was born in 1489 and married James IV of Scotland, and Mary, my younger sister was born in 1498 and married Louis XII in 1514.

When & Where I Was Born: I was born on June 28th 1491 at the Royal Manor of Greenwich (England), where ships sailed down the Thames to the sea.

How Old I Am Now: I am 17 years old presently, nine weeks and four days off my eighteenth birthday. Today my father has died, it is the 22nd April 1509.

Occupation Of Parents: My mother was Lady Elizabeth of York, Henry VII s wife. My father was Henry VII, King of England until his death in 1509.

What I Look Like: They say I was a precious child, alert and observant. At 17 I inherited the throne that had been destined for my brother Arthur, I also inherited his widow Catherine. I am almost 200 centimetres tall with pink and white cheeks. My hair is auburn and I have the beginnings of a red beard. I tower over others, which helps with authority. I am clean-shaven, and my hair is combed short and straight in the French fashion. I have a round face. I keep myself trim at the moment with exercise. I enjoy shooting, singing, dancing, wrestling, casting of the bar, playing the recorder, flute and virginals, setting of

songs, making ballads, hunting and hawking. I also like to live life to the full, enjoying gambling, eating and drinking with little restraint.


DATE: June 11th, 1509

King Henry VII s death bed wish was for me to marry Catherine of Aragon the princess who had been brought from Spain as the bride of my elder brother, Arthur, who had died earlier. Catherine had been betrothed to me after my brother s death, on my twelfth birthday.

It is six weeks now since my father s death and Catherine and I married today very quickly in the Chapel of the Franciscan Observants at Greenwich. This will now enable my coronation, which is to take place on Midsummer s Day, to be a double crowning of King and Queen.

DATE: June 7th, 1520

Oh! It was so meticulously organised at the Field of Cloth of Gold. Today, 7th June, after a number of days spent with Francis I, in some low-level diplomatic exchanges, our processions arrived on the field at precisely appointed hour. The trumpets sounded so very loudly. Francis I and myself spurred our horses forward to meet each other. Three times we embraced on horseback, we then dismounted, embraced again and vanished into the great golden pavilion where the summit meeting took place.

Ostensibly the meeting was to dispel the old enmity between England and France, but the declared purpose was to give laws to Christendom. Two weeks of jousting and feasting will now take place, both of which I enjoy immensely.

DATE: April 21st, 1521

I am passionately interested in theology and have only recently completed a book in staunch defense of the Universal Church and totally against the heresies of Martin Luther. Pope Leo was very pleased with the book and has today awarded me Defendsor Fidei that is Defender of the Faith. I am pleased with the award.

DATE: May 5th, 1527

The negotiations of Eternal Peace have been difficult but finally successful. Today I have sworn to the treaties and to celebrate I have laid on one of the greatest court festivities even known.

Today, Sunday 5th May 1527, after I have attended mass in the chapel at Greenwich I signed the treaties with France.

On Monday 6th May there will be great public rejoicing. All day jousts will take place in the Greenwich tiltyard, then in the evening there will be a great banquet, followed by a masquerade and dancing until dawn. I am looking forward to these celebrations with great anticipation.

DATE: July 6th, 1535

Sir Thomas More was an old friend of mine since childhood, and today he perished.

At one time, Thomas was my Lord Chancellor, but now, unfortunately he has refused to swear the Oath of Supremacy. He would not acknowledge that I am ranked above all foreign rulers, including the Pope and that I am the head or the Church of England, this constitutes treason, high treason.

I am angry and most hurt that he now chose to go against me in more ways than one. I don t wish to charge him with treason, but I have no choice.

Thomas was offered pardon, but he still refused to accept that I could be head of the spirituality. Thus I commuted the sentence for high treason at Tyburn to the beheading in the tower.

I am not attending the execution. I am on my way now, south on a midyear progress I have with me my entourage and I do enjoy showing myself to the people and putting some local matters to right,

This has been a sad day.

DATE: May 19th, 1536

Today I have had to have my dear wife Anne executed.

I have, unfortunately, had her spied on for the past three years, and have evidence of treason, adultery and incest.

I have specially had the headsman of St. Omer brought over. He is the deftest, most fashionable executioner today. He had brought with him his beautifully balanced sword. He placed the sword hidden in a heap of straw, then, he called out Bring me my sword , and as Anne turned towards that direction, he grabbed the sword and beheaded her before she knew what was happening.

The people, like I, were very pleased with the execution, though for different reasons.

DATE: October 12th, 1537

My dear wife Jane has bore me a son today. He will be Christened Edward. I am tremendously happy. London has gone wild with excitement. I am so ecstatic, as now I have a son an heir to the throne of England. The good Lord has lifted the curse on me. I held up my tiny son for all to see, and I wept with joy.

Amongst all of this excitement today, I have forgotten somewhat of my Queen Jane. She is ill with fever and is now becoming delirious. The midwives are gravely concerned. I am very worried over Jane, for I do love her.

DATE: June 22nd, 1543

The eternal peace has not lasted for long, less than twenty years though twenty years in politics is eternity!

A year ago I made a secret alliance with the Emperor of Spain to invade France and today, June 22nd1543, war has been declared on France.

The war had to be, as France has failed to keep up payments in English pensions and there are maritime disputes between our countries. Also, there is great struggle is Scotland between pro-English and pro-French factions.

I hope to cross the Channel to recover the crown of France when we defeat France

DATE: July 19th, 1545

The French, of more than 200 ships, have gathered at the Le Harve. Their aim is to attack Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. They wish to win back control of the English Channel.

We are ready for them. Our navy is strong. The new vessels are equipped with powerful guns and the Mary Rose is our best, she is heavily armed.

Today, July 19 1545, at Portsmouth is very hot, I am having dinner on my flagship and the French ships, crowded with pikemen and musketeers, are approaching fast.

This afternoon, our great ships began to move. D Annebault, the French admiral will not like the look of them or of the harbour channels.

Catastrophe, what a dreadful spectacular catastrophe has struck us. Suddenly the great ship Mary Rose heeled over and sank. I am devastated. I cannot believe it. I cried out in vain and anguish at the horrid sight. Over 400 men on board, and only a few seem to be surviving.

DATE: December 12th, 1546

I feel terribly ill. I have once again a bout of fever. I also have rising blood pressure and severe headaches. I have kidney trouble and bad leg ulcers. I know I am dying.

I am now 55 years old and as I look out of the window I see the pleasant life of my palace continues. It is very cold today, I think it will snow tomorrow if not tonight. The gardeners are cleaning up the lawn and weeding the gardens. The musicians and choristers of the court are practicing and performing down stairs in the big hall.

I am worried and concerned for I believe the Duke of Norfolk and his son, the Earl of Surrey, it appears, have been dabbling in treason. They are a threat to Prince Edward, the heir apparent. I have decided, I must act now. I may not have much time. I must strike both men down, as I must guard my son and preserve the Tudor dynasty.

Today, December 12th, 1546, my guards have arrested Norfolk and Surrey and I have had them sent to the Tower. They now await trial.

DATE: January 27th, 1547

Today Norfolk has been condemned a high traitor by Act of Parliament. I am dying, I will see Cranmer soon but not yet, first I will take a sleep.

When Henry awoke, he could hardly speak. Around midnight the archbishop arrived, but Henry could not speak, all he could do was to press Cranmer s hand in a token of repentance and faith. Henry was dead by 2 a.m. He had reigned over England for nearly 38 years.

On February 16th, 1547, in St. George s Chapel in the royal vault, sixteen Yeomen of the guard lowered his great coffin down to lie besides that of Queen Jane.


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