1984 Journal Essay Research Paper Journal for

1984 Journal Essay, Research Paper

Journal for 1984 by George Orwell

Book I Chapter 1

Summary Observations&Questions

(5-20) We meet a man named Winston

Smith, who is a worker at the

Ministry of Truth, he shows to

be rebellious and a fatalist.

He buys a diary and writes and

inputs into it, so he is

guilty of a thought crime. At

the rally he meets O’Brien and

thinks that he and O’Brien are

the same; he then thinks about

Emmanuel Goldstein and the

Brotherhood. The use of imagery is apparent

at the begging where Winston describes his apartment and its rigidness. Winston stresses the poster as being omniscient because it was eying every action made. Given from the narrators one is given yet another imagine, one that describes London as being ugly something resembling like the streets of Columbia. The narrator details that Winston was drinking Vicotory Gin, which sounds like it has the same effect as drinking battery acid does, so from that we can see the way the government is in its opposites and contradictions. Victory would mean good stuff but not in Oceania, another type would be freedom is slavery, war is peace, and ignorance is strength all depict how the government works in that it uses propaganda and especially deception to control the citizens of London.

[1] What is the name of the flat that Winston Smith lives in?

[1] How many ministries are there?

[1] Which ministry does Winston Smith work at?

[1] What date on entry to the diary does Winston Smith place?

The first entry to the Winston Smith?s diary in which it to Jewish people this shows how this book revolves around World War II. It also shows the power of Big Brother and have it can control everything including the way the people think.

[1] Who solely is considered the enemy of the people?

At the attendance of Two minutes of hate, it known that the enemy is Emmanuel Goldstein, who is a Jewish man. This idea of the enemy being Jewish goes inside of the idea of Hitler?s final solution. During the two minutes of hate assembly, the telescreen also shows Eurasia and Eastasia then the narrator lets know that Oceania was at war with either of the two. This sounds like the Cold War Eurasia could be Russia and Eastasia could China. The worlds ?my saviour? were repeated throughout the two minutes of hate upon the presentation of the Big Brother on the huge telescreen. This shows how well brainwashed these people of Oceania are and how Big Brother has been programmed to be seen as God or a god, this brings the Hitler idea how people thought of him as god and that everything revolved around him. Through the narrator we can sense the deviant behaviour or rebellious feeling that Winston Smith possesses. The phrase ?DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER? is repeated several times possibly to aid in casting that Winston Smith is in fact a rebellious type, or is done in lieu that it will help Winston Smith refocus himself when in time of doubt whether or not Big Brother is correct or not. [1] What is the apparent language of Oceania?

[1] How did people call or refer to Goldsteins book?

[3] Winston Smith?s character is one of a rebellious nature, yet he seems so pessimistic about his illegalities why?

Summary Observations&Questions

Book I Chapter 2


Winston Smith is asked to fix Mrs.

Parson?s sink he does, upon leaving

Mrs. Parsons he is terrorized by

Mrs. Parsons two kids training to

be Junior Spies. The kids were

excited that afternoon because

they wanted to see the hanging of

some political enemies in the park.

Back at Mr. Smith?s flat, he

remembers a dream in which O?brien?s

voice says ?we shall meet in a place

where there is no darkness,? he then

writes in his diary that he is a

thought criminal and will soon be


The word ?comrade? is used by

choice to which it signifies the addressing demand of Nazi Socialism or Stalinism. Mrs. Parsons two kids who were acting like spies and threaten Winston Smith of being a thought criminal will just show how brainwashed these people are, and how they start from the early age. Hitler did the same thing with the Jewish children calling them Junior Spies, which monitored their parents for anything unorthodox from the Nazi rules. [1] Who was the one knocking on Winston Smith?s door? [1] What did Mrs. Parsons want from Winston Smith? [1] How many kids is it apparent that Mrs. Parson has? [1] Does Mr. Parsons work with Mr. Smith? [1] What were the kids whining about that they wanted to see? [2] What does the place where Mrs. Parsons lives and her reaction to the kids tell about Mrs. Parson character? Now at the end of chapter we see how his character or disparaging the government has returned to being afraid and reinforcing it by writing that thought crime precedes death. [3] Is it fair enough to say that Winston Smith is getting to be a little too paranoid and overanalyzing everything?

Summary Observations&Questions

Book I Chapter 3


Winston Smith dreams of being with

his mother on a sinking ship and

blames himself for his mom?s

disappearance. Winston Smith

dreams of a place called Golden

Country, where he meets a naked

girl, he then wakes from the dream

and thinks back to his childhood.

He realizes about Oceania was with

Eurasia and alliance with Eastasia,

but never can remember Big Brother

before 1960. Winston Smith then

gets up to do physical jerks.

[1] How many years ago did

Winston Smith mom die?

[1] What did Winston Smith call the beautiful place he saw in his dream?

[3] Do you think that the dreams Winston Smith has had are signs of hope?

[1] What is newspeak for exercise?

[1] What is Airstrip one, really?

[1] Who did Winston Smith say he never heard of before 1960?

Summary Observations&Questions

Book I Chapter 4


Winston goes to his job at the

records room, where he works with a

speakwrite and destroys documents to

match actual developments with what

Big Brother said. A man named Withers

unexpectedly is vaporized, so Winston

changes the news to read that this

person never existed. Winston Smith

uses his imagination to create a new

substitute for Withers, this is what

makes Winston unconsciously happy

about his job that he so hates, because

it allows him to write stuff from

his mind, calls for his imagination.

This place is really evil if the government here seems to be an oligarchy. If the government controls the news, it controls everything common. [1] What is the common name of the oblong slit? [1] What newspaper is active in Oceania? Pornosec which was given to the proletariat class along with other rubbish that was present in the newspaper is probably given to keep them remotely informed of anything and to allow for excuse to make fun of them. [1] Which comrade was given rewards and accolades? Its kinds ironic how bad Winston Smith hates Big Brother, yet how he loves his job. [3] Do you think that perhaps the reason why Winston Smith is happy is because his job allows him to play God indirectly? [1] What improvision did Winston Smith come up with to insert for Comrade Wither?s ?unperson??

[1] What award was given to Comrade Withers?

Summary Observations&Questions

Book I Chapter 5


Winston has lunch with a man named

Syme who is writing a new dictionary

in newspeak, which is aimed at

narrowing the range of thought.

Winsto thinks that because Syme

knows this he will be killed, Parson

comes to get a promised donation and

apologizes for his sons behavior.

The Ministry of Plenty announces

increases in chocolate rations.

Winston becomes cautious when he

sees the dark haired girl there at

the canteen, he thinks she is a spy.

If Winston Smith and Syme knew

so much about the motives of the government, then why don?t they tell someone about the conspiracy; they aren?t fully brainwashed. And if it is easy to brainwash the proles, which makeup the majority of the population, then why doesn?t Winston Smith setup a revolution. At this point one has yet to see Big Brother in real life: instead of the posters that are numerous in the city that have a similar description as Stalin. I wonder if the fear of death keeps them quiet or maybe they are dumb. [1] Who does Winston have lunch with at the canteen?[1] What is Syme working on for Oceania?[2] Why would it be a good idea to limit the amount of words there is in a language?[1] Who comes to the canteen and asks for money from Winston Smith for a donation that will be allocated to Hate Week?[1] Which ministry announces over the loudspeakers about the increases in chocolate?[1] How much does Winston Smith contribute to Hate Week(money- wise)?[3] Why do you think that since Winston is being paranoid about being followed and talking about who he thinks is going to get killed, why he still continues to commit thought crimes?

Book I Chapter 6

Summary Observations&Questions


At the start Winston writes in his

diary about his last sexual encounter

with a prole prostitute. He then

reminicienes about his ex-wife and

how she never wanted kids so they

separated. Winston desperately wanted

to have an enjoyable sexual affair,

and he saw the prostitute as the

ultimate act of rebellion.

[1] How much did the prostitute charge? [1] What was the only reason partners were allowed to have sex?[1] What is one of the organizations that was in charge of monitoring illegal sexual activities?[2] Why do you think that having sex for pleasure was against the parties? code?[1] What was the name of Winston?s ex-wife?[1] Why did Winston and his wife separate?[1] Did Winston really have sex with the prostitute?[3] Do you think that writing all this stuff that?s going on into Winston?s diary that it has helped alleviate his anger, depression, and rebellion? I wonder wheter Winston wanted to have sex with the prostitute or just to break the rules, that latter would explain him not going fully forward with the act, he stopped because human experiences are just not worth feeling pain or death for.

Book I Chapter 7

Summary Observations&Questions


Winston writes in his diary for

any hope for a revolution against

the party by the majority. Winston

looks through a history book then

remembers one time when he caught

the party in a lie, when he remembers

three leaders arrested and then killed

finally Winston thinks he is writing

in his diary as a kind of letter to


[1] About how much percent consists of proles in London? Finally Winston answers my questions of rebellion. Lets get real if the so called brotherhood exists why hasn?t it done anything, it probably was created by the party to set an example of good and bad. The most likely reason why the proles were left unpunished and free like the animals is because the danger is known of keeping them fully suppressed.[1] Who were the three arrested in 1965 charged with helping Eurasis, embezzlement, etc?[1] Where did Winston see these men?Probably the reason that Winston is remembering all this is he is thinking of confessing or thinking of suicide.[1] Who was the owner of the children?s history book?[1] Back before the revolution Big Brother and the party was blaming who for the unstable and harsh conditions in London?[1] What was the infant mortality rate before the revolution? [1] What is the infant mortality rate now with the party?[3] Do you think that the character of Winston has changed from the begginning when he was a total fatalists to now a thinker and a rebellious one?

Book I Chapter 8

Summary Observations&Questions


Winston goes for a walk

through the prole district, he

follows a man into a pub in hopes of

getting info from the past. Winston

walks into a store buys a paperweight

and a pink coral and then is showed

to a private room with no telescreen.

On the way home he sees the same girl

who he thinks is a spy, he thinks that

he should commit suicide, he then calms

himself by thinking of what O?Brien had said.

[1] Why does Winston go into a pub for?[1] What two items does Winston buy from Mr. Charrington? Mr Charrington takes Winston up to a private room with no telescreen obviously that would seem impossible therefore he must be a party member or police.[1] What month does this take place in? Is it possible that Winston envies the simple lives of the common people, yes maybe Winston wants to be be brainwashed because his rebellious acts are futile anyways.[2] why do you suppose Winston wants to know the past from the old man at the pub?[1] What is a steamer?[1] Which ministry resulted and managed the lottery? [1] How much did Winston pay for the two items in Mr. Charrington?s store?[1] In Charrington?s private room what print is looking down from the wall?[3] Do you think that now since Winston is looking for the past and not thinking about the future then it is quite possible that Winston wants to stop believing that there is a possiblity to rebel.

Book Two Chapter 1

Summary Observations&Questions


At work Winston is going to the Restroom

and sees the dark-haired girl with a sling, she falls

Winston catches her she passes a note saying she

loves him. They plan a meet at Victory Square they fall in love, and plan to take a trip via train

to the country.

[1]How many days had passed since Winston saw her outside the junkshop?[1] Where did Winston and the girl meet? [1] What did the note read that was give to Winston? [1]From Where does Winston and the girl ride the train to the country?[1] Who had the sling on?[3] Why do you think that at first Winston hated the girl because he thought she was a spy and now he loves her even if he still doesn?t know if she is or isn?t a spy?

Book Two Chapter 2

Summary Observations&Questions


In the country they worry about

hidden microphones, but Winston

feels assured by Julia. Winston

becomes aroused and his sexual

encounter with Julia is almost as his

dream. After Winston wants to know if she

has done this before she says lots of times,

he feels aroused and thrilled at this rebellion.

[1] In thish chapter what month are they in?[1] What?s the dark-haired girls name?[1] What was Julia a member of?[1] What name did Winston give the Country?Is it possible that Winston mught be using Julia only to see if she is a rebel or not or could it be vice versa.[1] What kind of tree did they lay in?Is it possible that Winston?s lover makes an immediate contrast with Winston himself; she is neither speculative nor thoughful, but rather possess a mix of sensuality and practicality that enables her to plan their affair flawless.[3] Is Julia a fatalists or lacks that quality?

Book II Chapter 3

Summary Observations&Questions


The next morning Julia prepares

to go back to London over the

next two weeks they meet at a

ruined church. Julia tells Winston

where she lives and abvout her

first sexual affair. Julia isn?t

forward for widespread rebellion

but only enjoys herself- after

Winston remembers his wife and

how he imagined pushing her off

the cliff.

[1] About how many hours did Winston work per week?[1] Why did Julia have to leave before 9:30?[1] Where did they meet when they had time?[1] How old is Julia?[1] Where did she live?[1] At what age was Julia?s first love affair?[2] Why do think Winston wanted to push Katherine off the cliff?[3] Do you think that the party prohibits sex in order to use the frustration against the party members, but indirectly to strengthen the worship of Big Brother. The thing is that Julia is not interested in widespread rebellion; she believes in outwitting the party and enjoying herself. Julia appears to complete Winston who claims that he is dead, so she shows him that he isn?t dead.

Book II Chapter 4

Summary Observations&Questions


Winston looks around the room

in Charrington?s shop which he

rented for Julia. Julia comes in

with sugar, coffee, and bread that

were only availabel to

the highest. Julia looks

around the room and Winston

tell her the paperweight is a

link to the past, and Winston

stares at the crystal dreaming

how happy he was with Julia.

[1] why did Winston want the room for?[1] What month are they in in this chapter?[1] What three luxuaries does Julia come in with that usually only the inner party members can procure?[1] What apparent animal is Winston terrorified of?[1] At which age did was Julia when her grandpa was vaporized?[1] What type of wood was the bed at Charrington?s secret room made of?[3] Do you think that the glass paperweight is a recurrent symbolic motif that reenforces Winston;s obsession with the past?

Book II Chapter 5

Summary Observations&Questions


The chapter opens with Syme

being vaporized. Its hate week

and its hat as ever and the proles

are rowdy. Winston becomes obessed

with the room because it represents

freedom for him. He dreams that his

wife will die so that Julia can

marry him. Winston tells Julia

about the brotherhood and then

Julia claims they are nonexistent.

[1] Who has vanished and been made into an unperson?[1] What is the name of the theme song for hate week?The reason the y have the numerous posters that seemly outnumber Big Brother is either that there is talk about rebellion or just to create the minds into checking and hating thought criminals.[2] Do you think that the room above Charringtons represents freedom for Winston?[1] Winston fantasizes that who well die in order for him and Julia to get married?[1] Who believes that Emmanuel Goldstein ar fictious party members?[3] Why do you think that Winston is so attracted to Julia if they both seem so contradictory to each other?

Book II Chapter 6

Summary Observations&Questions


One day O?Brien contact Winston and

has a brief meeting. O?brein asks

Winston if he wanted to see the

New edition Newspeak Dictionary, and if

so to meet at O?brien house?

[1] Who contacts Winston?[1] Where do they meet?[1] O?Brien tell Winston that he can see what?[3] How would you describe Winston reaction to the meeting he had with O?Brien?

Book II Chapter 7

Summary Observations&Questions


Winston wakes up crying, Julia

ask why he said he dreamt that

he has killed his mother. He

also says how when he was small

it was rough for him and his

family. At the end he and Julia

discuss that if they are caught

torture will make them confess, but

that it can stop them from loving

each other.

[1] Who wakes up crying?[1] Why was he crying?[1] Winston believed he had murdered who?[1] When he was little he and his sister would spend their time hiding where?[1] What when Winston was small did he steal?

[3] Could the dream about killing his murder be a sign that he blames his mother for all this?

Book II Chapter 8

Summary Observation&Questions


Julia and Winston trek together

to O?brien apartment. Once inside

turns off the telescreen and tell them of

the brotherhood and that it and Goldstein are

real. O?brien gives them

wine and leads a song a

ritual of initiation into the

brotherhood. O?brein tells Winston

that he will get him a copy of the book.

At the end Winston leaves and O?brien

tells them they will meet again.

[1] Where do Julia and Winston both travel to?[1]What does O?brien do to the telescreen?[1]Winston and Julia wish to join what group?[1] Whom does O?brien say and repeat is real?[1] O?brien promises to get a copy of what to Winston? How dumb is Winston to believe that nonsense of O?brien first off if it were an initiation why weren?t the other members. Also if it was an initiation then why did they do it at O?brien apartment where a telescreen being turned off could attract attention. [3] Why do you think that Julia fell for O?Briens trick even after she said she never believed in the brotherhood?

Book II Chapter 9

Summary Observations&Questions


After a ninet-hour week Winston

is exhausted. In them middle of

hate week Oceanian decides to change

sides again. In the secret room Winston

reads through Goldstein book given to

to him by O?brien. As Winston is reading

Julia comes into the room and flings herself into

his arms. She glad to know that he

has the book. They hear a woman singing outside

Winston starts to read to Julia from the book. He explains

doublethink. Julia falls asleep and Winston also.

[1] How many hours did Winston work?[1] Oceania has changed sides in the war again,now who is the enemy?[1] Who is to blame for this mixup?[1] What does Winston read in Mr. Charrington?s secret room?[1]According to the book Eurasia was created how?What is doublethink? I still can?t believe that these people can?t remember that they were in war with Eurasia, it doesn?t seem logic or realistic that the proles could be brainwashed to forget that factoid when it was an ongoing event, it leads me to believe that in fact there was never any war at any time. The whole excerpt from The Theory and Practice of Oligarchicall Collectivism was just to long, in fact it could quite possibly put people to sleep; highly uneffective in keeping the interest of the reader.[3] Do you think that Winston character has grown more confident after he has read the discourse?

Book II Chapter 10

Summary Observations&Questions


Winston and Julia wake up

to the sound of a women singing

outside. Winston and Julia look

at the women and realize they

are dead, and then the telescreen

behind the print says it too. The

room is stormed with thoughpolice

they kick Winston and drag and beat


[1] Winston and Julia wakeup because?[1] What does Winston imagine during the woman is singing?[1]What was behind the picture of St. Clements? These two chapter were awesomely crafted in chapter nine the reader is relaxed at the fact that Winston has been given the book, and that there is hope for some future action against the party, then the thoughtpolice comes in. So O?brien was the real enemy here.[1] What treasure do the thought police break as they enter the room?[1] Who all along was a member of the thought police?[2] Do you think that this is the place that O?brein promised to meet Winston in a place without light?[3] Explain the distinct contrast between Winston?s reaction to the book and Julia?s reaction to the book?

Book III Chapter 1

Summary Observations&Questions


Winston sits in a bright bare cell

in which the light always remain. Winston

is always beaten. He is celled up with

Mr. Parson who was turned in by

his sons. Winston see people

starving, people beaten ugly and

mangled and starts to contemplete

committing suicide.His dream is

ruined when he learns that

O?brein had setted him up

from the begginning.

[1] Where is Winston?[1] How many telescreens are observing him?Who is the poet in jail too?[1]Who do Winston share a room with? [1] Who turned in Parson?[1] Does Winston want to commit suicide?[3] Why does Winston hate physical pain compared to emotional duress or troubles? I guess Winston finall found the place without darkness the cell. Its weird how in Book Two Winston?s love affair begins and here in three how it ends in the punishment and correction. This is an excellent job by Orwell in keeping the reader focused even towards the end.

Book III Chapter 2

Summary Observations&Questions


Winston endures several torture

lessons. O?brien tell Winston of

his sin and how he is going to

help him in correcting him. Winston

begins to love O?brien because he

helps him by stopping the pain. O?brien

then tells him that Big Brother

himself doesn?t exist.

[1] What is the sin that Winston has committed?[1]What does Winston agree upon?[1] Why does Winston begin to love O?brien?[1] Who began the system of correction?[1] What does O?brien tell Winston what Julia did?[1] What does O?brien say about Big Brother? Winston begins to love O?brein because he helps to stop the pain, this is when we see the second indication that the systems is working fine.

Book III Chapter 3

Summary Observations&Questions


After weeks of interrogation

and torture O?brien tell

winston about the parties motives.

Winston says that the party

can?t alter the stars and

universe. O?brien then makes

Winston look into a mirror to

see how ugly and old looking

he is.

[1]How many stages does Winston has to go through before he is cured?[1] Who wrote the book?[1] Has Winston lost a lot of teethe since he has been admited at prison?[1] Which ministry is Winston in?[1] What did O?brien say about the parties slogans?[3] Why do you think that O?brien has been spilling the beans telling Winston everything?

Book III Chapter 4

Summary Observations&Questions


Winston is transfered to a more

comfortable room. He then tries to

love the slogans. He still admits to

hating the party and Big Brother.O?brien

comes back with guards Winston will be taken to

room 101

[1] Winston is transfered where?[1] Who and what does Winston dream of?[1] What slogans does Winston try to make himself believe in?[1] Does Winston still acknowledge that he hates Big Brother?[1] What does O?Brien said to these?[1] Which room will Winston go to? Still Winston get guts to admit that he still hates Big Brother and that he will not die loving him, which still shows how rebellious even to the end he is.[3] Do you think that the brainwashing is working or is Winston faking all that talk about loving O?brien and the 2+2 bit?

Book III Chapter 5

Summary Observations&Questions


Once in Room 101 Winston is

strapped with a face mask full

of hungry rats. Winston is

reminded of his worst fear rats.

Winston can?t handle it so he

begs that Julia should take his place.

[1] What does Winston dread the most?[1] What is the final punishment that Winston gets?[1] What does Winston want done to Julia?[1]O?brein said that this punishment was also done where? [1] What causes O?brien to stop? It is apparent that physical pain and the sense of physical danger overrides human reason and love as it is demonstrated by Winston, when he wished that Julia should take his place.[3] Do you think that Winston was prepared to feel this much pain,especially since he knew he was going to die?

Book III Chapter 6

Summary Observations&Questions


Now, free Winston drinks at

the Chestnut Tree Cafe. He remembers

a moment of happiness but claims

that it was false memory. He looks up

at a picture of Big Brother and

says he loves him.

[1] Where is Winston Smith after he gets out?[1]Does Winston accept everything the party does?[1] What does Winston trace in the dust?[1] What song does Winston hear at the Chestnut tree cafe?[1] Does Winston love Big Brother? [1] What month were they in?[3] Do you think that Winston is faking this love and memory lose or is he really

brainwashed? The way the novel ends is terrific the classic pattern ever since the long chapter nine afterwards all action towards the end, so I guess that all the actions that Winston did were futile sinch his diary was destroyed and his memory cleared.



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