Survey On Music Essay Research Paper Survey

Survey On Music Essay, Research Paper

Survey On Music

This is a survey being conducted for the purpose of knowing the musical aspects of high school students. Your name is not a factor in this survey since all results are simply tallied. As you complete this survey, keep an open mind and follow all directions. Responses to questions can be answered with a check mark in one of the designated boxes unless otherwise instructed in that section. The end-results of this survey as a whole will be released to the public as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.


Of the following questions please answer by checking either yes or no. Yes No

1) Do you like listening to music in general?

2) Do you like music of today rather than the music from older times ?

3) Do you know of anyone whose career involves music ?

4) Do you play a musical instrument ?

5) Does anyone else you know of play a musical instrument ?

6) Can you read from a music book ?

7) Have you ever written a piece of music ?

8) Do you buy your music ?

9) If you buy music, do you only buy one type of music ?

10) Do you listen to local radio stations ?

11) Do you prefer radio stations rather than buying CDs or Cassettes ?

12) Do you or anyone in your household watch MTV ?

13) Or the BET (Black Entertainment Television) ?

14) Or VH1 ?

15) Do you keep up with all of the current events going on in the music world ?

16) Do you know of any local bands ?

17) Have you ever been to a live concert ?

18) Have you heard of composers Beethoven, Mozart, or any other greats ?

19) Do you enjoy their styles of music ?

20) Do you consider classical music to be ?real? music ?

21) Do you consider rap music to be ?real? music ?

22) Do you agree with your parent?s opinion about the music you listen to ?

23) In general, do you think some music can contribute to violence ?

24) Do you think rap music has contributed to some of today?s street violence ?

25) Do you think that music can make you violent under certain circumstances ?

26) Does your type of music reflect your personality ?

27) Does the way you dress express the type of music you listen to ?


Place a check under the appropriate column for the types of music that you currently listen to.

Also, give a rating of that type of music from 1 to 5. 1 being low and 5 being high.


28) Rock & Roll

29) Alternative

30) Dance/Pop

31) Classical

32) Country

33) R&B

34) Rap


Put a check in the box that best describes how often you listen to music during the activity.


35) In a car

36) Doing homework

37) On the job

38) On long trips

39) Exercising/Working out

40) Other: (_____________)

Put a check in the box that best describes when you listen to music.


41) In the morning

42) In the afternoon

43) In the evening

44) In the late night


Place a check in the box that tells how many different categories you currently listen to.

45) 0 0 (I don?t listen to music)

0 1

0 2

0 3

0 4

0 5+ (I listen to all kinds of music)

Place a check in the box that tells the total amount of music categories you ever liked.

46) 0 0 (I have never really liked any music)

0 1

0 2

0 3

0 4

0 5+ (I have liked all kinds of music)


On the following questions, please answer with a check in the ?yes? or ?no? box and then circle your answer for the next question. Yes No

47) When the music awards are on TV, do you watch them?

48a) If your answer was ?yes?, is it because:

(1) you want to see your favorite singer or group win.

(2) you just like to watch them.

(3) both 1 and 2.

(1) or (2) or (3)

48b) If your answer was ?no?, is it because:

(1) you have no interest in music.

(2) you just don?t have the time to sit down and watch them.

(3) you really don?t care about the awards.

(1) or (2) or (3)


Circle the appropriate answer for the following questions.

49) Which of the following do you prefer to buy?

Compact Diskor Cassette Tape

50) How much would you be willing to spend on an average, full-length tape?

$7 to -$10 or $10 to -$12 or $12 or more

51) How much are you willing to spend on an average CD?

$10 to -$13 or $13 to -$16 or $16 or more

In the following list of stores, place a check in the box if you buy music from that store.

52) 0 Sam Goody

53) 0 Tape World

54) 0 The Wall

55) 0 Strawberries

56) 0 Lechmere

57) 0 From a music club (specify) __________________

58) 0 Others (specify) ________________________


For the following list of groups, place a check mark in the box that describes what you think of them.

Like them a lot They are OK Don?t like them No comment

59) Smashing Pumpkins

60) Nine Inch Nails

61) Jane?s Addiction

62) White Zombie

63) Gin Blossoms

64) Pearl Jam

65) Dr. Dre

66) Alanis Morissette

67) The Fugees

68) Foo Fighters

69) Tom Petty

70) Stone Temple Pilots

71) The Beach Boys

72) Elvis

73) The Beetles

74) Oasis

75) Snoop Doggy Dog

76) Alice In Chains

77) L. L. Cool J

78) Mariah Carey

79) 2 Pac

80) Beastie boys

81) Silver Chair

82) Vanilla Ice

83) The Cranberries

84) Domino

85) 311

86) TLC

87) Aerosmith

88) Boyz 2 Men

89) Metallica

90) Brandy

91) Coolio

92) Everclear

93) Counting Crows

94) Hootie and the Blowfish

95) Toni Braxton

96) Live

97) Salt ?N Peppa

98) Warren G

99) Toadies

Mike Kaplan and Jason Gaudette would like to thank you for taking our music survey and hope to get the survey results out to you as soon as possible.



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