America Was Built On Freedom Essay Research

America Was Built On Freedom Essay, Research Paper

America was built on freedom. Freedom to speak,

freedom to choose, freedom to worship, freedom to do

just about anything you want within the law. America?s law

was designed to protect and preserve these freedoms. The

reason the United States of America came to exist was

because the colonists fled Great Britain to get back the

freedoms that were taken away from them by the

Monarchy. The pact the Founding Fathers made with the

citizens to guarantee their freedom forever was the

Constitution, whose first ten Amendments are called The

Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights assures the basic freedoms

of life. The right to Life, Liberty, and Prosperity. In

countries where Monarchies and Dictatorships rule, there is

little if any freedom to speak of. Citizens of these countries

are persecuted or even killed if they attempt to exercise any

of the basic freedoms. In these countries there is no free

speech, no right to choose government, no right to express

religion, no right to own property. To regain these basic

rights of life citizens risk their lives and the lives of their

families to escape the supreme rule of their homeland to

enjoy life in the United States without having to look over

their shoulders at every turn. In America these rights are

second nature and so often taken for granted. In a country

where a person is innocent until proven guilty freedoms are

sometimes abused. This is where the right to a speedy trial

comes in. A person accused of a crime has the right to a

trial in court and to be judged by a jury of his peers. In a

country where it is a basic right to own property and gather

wealth, America has many of the wealthiest and most

successful people in the world. And this wealth is not taken

from the people as is the case of a dictatorship. In a

country where it is a basic right to choose government,

America has the most successful form of Democracy has

ever known. In a dictatorship or monarchy there is no

choice of government and people are persecuted for

voicing any opinions toward the government that is not

favorable. In the case of the United States if one is not

happy with the present choice of an elected official it is his

right to vote that person out of office in the next election. In

a country where it is a basic right to practice religion of

choice, America has the more different religious sects than

anywhere in the world. These are just some of the many

reasons America is the greatest country in the world. If

there is a better place to live no one has created it yet.


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