Hindu In India Essay Research Paper Every

Hindu In India Essay, Research Paper

Every being is unique and as long as they endeavor towards their dreams they

will never fail. This is the foundation of his strong Hindu Belief system.

My grandfather is a man with an abundance of knowledge whose words and

thoughtful gestures often speak volumes. I failed to realize this fact until a

couple of years ago. He is the individual I idolize most and yearn to emulate.

Not only has M.V.V.Raman inspired me and encouraged me to think life has no

limits, he is my moral teacher and guide. Through his navigation, I have

learned to embrace the myriad lessons and ideas that make up his philosophy.

Instilling these beliefs in me he has helped me attain objectivity in my

judgements. He has immensely helped bring the best out of me and supports and

guides my decisions. He inspires me on a daily basis. Even though we are seas

apart, it is his unfailing faith in me that helped me through one of the

toughest times of my life.

I was living my life as a new high school student, trying to fit in and trying

to learn. One day, my mother came into my bedroom and announced that we would

be moving to a new part of town. I was shocked and speechless. I was in high

school with the people I had grown up with; most importantly I was comfortable;

I didn?t want to move and start life at a new school. I was infuriated with my

parents? rash and spontaneous decision. How could they do this to me? They

were going to ruin my life. My parents were disinclined to hear and reason with

my argument. The decision was set in stone, and we were going to move. I felt

as though I had been dragged through an obscure, opaque tunnel however I would

never come out and see the light, I would just hit a dead end. I felt lost. I

thought about my grandfather. What would he say that could help me get through


I called my grandfather in Bangalore India. Tears rolled down my face as I told

my story to him. My grandfather?s creed stresses acceptance of things beyond

human control. He used to always say that everything that happens to you

teaches you- you must learn from them. He then told me something that I will

never forget: ?Meera, although things seem awful now, if you think in a

positive manner you will be successful no matter where you are. A sword must be

sent into a flame, melted and then beaten into a shape again and again in order

to make it strong. You too must endure whatever life gives you and know that

life is sending you this obstacle for a reason. You will be stronger in the

end.? I wiped my tears away and had an enormous smile at the other end of the

phone. I began to feel an aura around me that derived from positive thoughts.

The move was made. I came into my new school having to cope with making new

friends, understanding each one of my teacher?s standards; dealing with the

advanced, stringent academic ?expectations? along with ?normal? teenage life. I

had to deal with parental pressures to get straight A?s. It was because of my

grandfather?s encouragement and belief in me; I was able to surpress and survive

a massive challenge I had to undergo.

These words from my grandfather were extremely pivotal and made me realize that

the situation I was facing was not as bad as I thought; in fact, it was not bad

at all. What was happening to me was good because I would come out as a strong,

goal oriented, structured, and motivated individual. My grandfather?s priceless

words reminded of me of another saying that has been asleep in my head until I

heard his words: ? Whatever doesn?t kill you makes you stronger.? I was going

to be stronger after all of this.

Now I see and acknowledge life in a whole different light. I look forward to

new experiences as well as challenges to endeavor. No longer do I react to

things in a negative way. I am a gleeful, strong-willed and structured person.

I don?t know why my grandfather waited so long to tell me these words that have

changed my life. Maybe he knew that I wouldn’t be ready for them at an earlier

age. Maybe he knew that the day would come when I would need to hear them.

Maybe he saved this advice for this particular time. Maybe, maybe he knew me.


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