How To Maintain A Strong Relationship Essay

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?How to Maintain a Strong Relationship?

I have been in a relationship with a guy for almost two years. I know two years is not really that long, but it has been a true learning experience. Every relationship has its ups and downs and its good and bad times. Looking at other relationships, I have observed that to maintain a strong relationship you have to recognize if certain characteristics have been acquired. Goals, love, and trust are the key to building a strong relationship.

Every day I think of a new goal for myself to accomplish. I have my goals set out for me for the future. When you are in a relationship, asking your partner what his/her goals are is a very good thing. You need to know so that you don?t find out five years later that he is moving to live in the mountains and fish all day, while your goal was to live in the big city and work at a law firm. People that will do some good in your life are people who maybe share similar goals and people who have set some goals.

Love is the infamous word that can mean a million things. As time ticks on in a relationship you will start to realize if you love him/her. Can you tell if this person will be all that you want out of love? Make sure that this topic has been discussed. When discussing this topic see if your partner loves the conversation or is waiting to run away from it.

Trust can tear your heart to pieces. If you are in a relationship trust has to definitely be there. If you have any doubts about him/her going out with their friends one night then the trust is not there. Trust is the most important part of the relationship next to love. If you can?t maintain trust through your relationship, then your relationship doesn?t need to exist.

Set goals for your relationship, discover if there is love and make sure you can trust one another. There are so many key points in maintaining a strong relationship. Pick the three that are most important to you. I have made sure that these three characteristics are strong and true in my relationship. Relationships can be the hardest things sometimes, but they can also be the greatest.


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