Community Service Essay Research Paper My community

Community Service Essay, Research Paper

My community service project

My project consisted of helping out my school’s music department during my time off. My original intent was to learn and appreciate what our music department does for our community and school. Instead I learned much more. I learned how dedicated and how much hours they put I to helping out and representing our school in community activities.

Basically the project consisted of almost every other weekend helping out the music department. In either band competitions, helping out as runners, serving drinks, or cleaning up afterwards. (A total of 30 hours of service). The runner’s job was the most difficult. If the all the runners didn’t cooperate as a team, it wouldn’t work out at all, and the whole schedule will fall behind.

None of the problems that occurred were severe. Just moderate ones. Like the weather not cooperating. Some others were a little more serious. For example, some of the other runners weren’t cooperating. Since the whole concept of “the runners” was to work together or the whole competition would fall behind schedule. Some runners fell behind by like fifteen minutes and we had to give up our break in order to fall right back on schedule.

The impact we had were probably more on the people who organized the event. We ran into some problems but we took care of it ourselves. We did our best and never complained. Some people we left an impact on were the one’s we assisted. They later congratulated the organizer for having such “polite and hard working runners.”

As trite as it may sound, what I learned about myself is if you be nice, polite and willing to help there will be no reason why people will like you, respect you and appreciate the effort you put in. What I learned about my community I show a lot of people give up their time in order to make an impact or just have someone be proud of them. Knowing that they made an impact on someone. I think that’s a very special feeling that you could only get by giving up some of spare time.


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