The Islamic Conquests Essay Research Paper

The Islamic Conquests Essay, Research Paper


No time 641 Islamic

conquest overrun near East and Herealeion dead.? Worse crisis than anytime Persian war. ?

Very little evidence ?

oral history very difficult to rely on ?

Double mill tribal

tradition, ulama to create and develop new religion ? Islam. ?

Latw 620s ? tribes of

Ariabia united under Prophet Muhammed ? begins raids into Palestine. ?

Conqeust Eastern

Provinces begin 633 ? rapid as Transjordan, Palestine and Syria surrender. ?

635 ? Damascus fell,

636 Yarmuk battle north of Joran ? Muslims win ?

Jerusalem surrendered

in 638 ? decisive defeat of Egypt in 641, Dara, Edessa and Antiochlost. ?

645 counter-attack

regains Alexandria, but 646 Egypt in Roman hands. ?

640s press on and

attack Taurus mountains, Anatolian plateau, Hakkari mountains and through

Azerbaidjan into Armenia.? 653-4

citizens of Constantinople see Muslim army on Bosphorus. ?

By 650 Muslims have

ended Sasanian state of Persia.? Old

political order come to a rapid and unexpected end. ?

Why? Arabs were excellent

warriors, united Allies, like confederate Roman allies, much more of a threat. ?

Not eternal enemy ?

groups of Arabs all around the enemy and used by Romans as confederates ?

Arabs confederates

usually attacked each other as they tried to gain grace and as next

Confederate.? After 19 yr absence no

surprise that inter Arab battle for membership confederacy. Everyone suspecting

victors integrated into Roman world. ?

Romans gone for a long

time in these places ? generations not know Roman rule ? Muslim Aabsmust have

seen desirable continuation of state affairs. ?

Muslims in 630 under

one leader and not following ideology of Constantinople ? messianic anto Roman

fervour as well. ?

Fight back??? Drained after previous wars, in 629 Eastern

provinces no recovered.? As history of

area shows once major forts gone 0 decisive battle at Yamuk forcing Roman

regroup at Anatolia ? difficult situation to resolve.? Without eastern provinces and war weary empire lacked the

resources and the allies for such an endeavour.


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