Talk Shows Essay Research Paper

Talk Shows Essay, Research Paper

Talk shows are often interesting, but sometimes strange, television shows to watch. Much

of what talk shows portray is for ratings, but if it is true, then this is also a part of our society. I

believe talk shows are an accurate reflection of our society; they deal with human conditions and

true stories, whether common or uncommon.

One talk show featured reuniting families with lost family members. For example, one

woman?s parents made her give up her baby at birth. The mother of the child had been searching

for her daughter for twenty years and was unable to find her. She had called the show to see if the

talk show personnel could find her missing daughter. The talk show reunited the mother and

daughter six months later on television. Subject matter such as this is interesting enough to

attract viewers without being offensive and objectionable.

In another example, a woman came out on a show talking about how she wished she could

sleep with her best friend (another woman). She went on to ask to her friend if she would

participate in this act. This outlandish behavior caused her to lose her best friend.

Many shows feature guests with problems or situations which may not be things everyone

wants to acknowledge, but these situations are still a part of life. For instance a man brought his

mother on a show and told her he was involved in a sexual relationship with another man. Stories

like these keep people watching and keep these types of show on the air.

Some of the most sensational shows go so far as to expose the public to bizarre fetishes

and perversions of guests. Some of these may be offensive and even foreign to most viewers, but

others may like to watch. For example, a woman was on a show talking about how she was a

dominatrix, and she loved to tie up and beat men for cheap thrills. She had gone so far as to wear

her leather suit and thigh-high boots on stage. She brought one of her many men with her. She

went on to ask one of the audience members if he would like to be tied up and beaten. Many

people do not care to see this kind of ?entertainment,? but, again, this is a part of the world in

which we live.

Many people say they don?t care for these types of shows, but it would be highly unlikely

they would stay on the air if they were not popular with some segment of the population. All the

experiences are a true part of our society, but may be hidden from the public eye. Talk shows fill a

need for some individuals to vicariously experience the strange activities of others.


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