Persecution Of Democracy In China Essay Research

Persecution Of Democracy In China Essay, Research Paper

Wei Jingsheng is a person who was born into this world of differences. He is aman who was condemned for his strong desire for democracy in China. Wei Jingsheng,who has a great big flame of courage in him, has played a strong voice in the fight forwhat he believes is right. Even though threatened with imprisonment and maybe evendeath, Jingsheng still went ahead with his rebel activities, such as hunger strikes. As aresult, he ended up in the slammer for a majority of his lifetime. Today, Wei Jingshengand many others are still being mistreated for what they believe in. If I were to experiencewhat they experienced, I would, too, fight to achieve a democracy, even if it meant goingto prison. Putting me in prison would only be a small price to pay for what I believe in. Ifthey were to take away my freedom for my opinion or view on some issue, I wouldn tmind. At least it wouldn t be for a crime like theft or homicide. I would probablyconsider being jailed for a cause or belief a small vacation from life. I, being a Catholic, have learned about the life and times of the Church. Manytimes, Christians were being persecuted for their belief in God. Even Jesus Christ, himself,was condemned for what he believed in. Over time, many people were imprisoned or putto death for their creed. I have a strong faith in God, and if society thought it were wrongto do so, I wouldn t care. I love my God and anyone who would try to stop me fromloving him would never succeed. Being jailed or even put to death, is something that Iwould consider God s test, which I would always desire to pass. Another cause that I would be willing to be imprisoned for is freedom. If someoneis seeking freedom, then aren t they already a prisoner if they don t have independence? Ifyou didn t have liberty, then what is there to lose if you re already a captive? In history,freedom has played a key role. Many countries have been or are still in the process ofbeing carved into what they are today because of freedom. I consider myself very lucky, living in a country that grants the inalienablerights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, no matter what race, creed, or coloryou are. Like Wei Jingsheng, would stand alone for what I believe in, even if it threatenedfreedom or life. Wei Jingsheng is an ideal model of courage and determination. Voicingopinions in countries like China, are already an achievement accomplished. Like thesaying goes, You can do anything you want to do, if you put your mind to it. Don t let a

bump in the road stop you. 4. Essay – China and the United States are undecided as to how close of a traderelationship they can have. Discuss reasons for the United States increasing trade withChina and reasons against doing so. Which stance do I take on the issue and why? After ending their isolistic ways and opening their doors to trade, China had themost powerful country in the world, the United States, entered through them. Unfortunately, the Chinese are one s who like to export more than they import, thereforecreating a multi-billion dollar trade deficit for the United States with them. The saying, You can t live with them, and you can t live without them, applies to the type ofundecided relationship that the United States has with this country. To increase trade with China would be somewhat positive and somewhat negativeon both countries. For one thing, it would always end up having almost the same results -the United States would have more imports than exports. But on the other hand, Chinadoes have some pretty good products out there, and that s what many Americans buy,products that are made in China. If you look through you re house, you ll find that manyof you re appliances or other household items are made in China. But when you turn the table around and see the reasons not to increase trade withChina, most of them are really good answers to do so. For one thing, maybe the printerthat printed out this paper you re reading was made in China. But there s more to it. Maybe it was made in a sweatshop in China by a bunch of nine year olds who areunderpaid and work in very, very poor conditions for very low wages. And the thing is,many companies take advantage of this, by using China as a slave-base for a low-costproducer, but a fortune maker. If the United States made the decision to either increaseor decrease trade with China, they should keep in mind what is going on in many of theimports we take from them. As for me, finding out about the inhumane ways of industry in China, I don t thinkthe United States should increase trade with China. I believe that what they do is justplain horrible and a disgrace to human kind. I think that if the United States decreasestrade with China, it ll hurt China more than us. After all, we do import a vast amount ofwhat they have to offer, and since they have many economic problems, this will certainlymake a huge impact on what they really need.


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