Religion And Science Essay Research Paper Religion

Religion And Science Essay, Research Paper

Religion and Science

Is Science and Religion really such an adversary? I believe that it is a very touchy subject, in which it can go either way. Some people may claim that science and religion are two very similar subjects, while other may view it as two very different subjects of life. Science is the activity which tries to describe, explain, and predict by the use of good empirical evidence the way the physical world works. Religion is significant commitment, accompanied by a certain degree of reflection, to something considered in reality. Just by the definitions, the two seem very different.

Science seems as if it is to help us human beings live our life longer and to its fullest. Religion is also a very complicated subject, it has many different categories in which many different people and cultures are associated with. As for science, it is broken down into two subjects, Physical and Social science. Science seems to deal more with future reference, while most religion is spoken in the past. Although science and religion both bring the majority of us happiness and satisfaction to our lives, it is the advancements in technology which I think has had the greatest impact on American society, as well as other countries. Religion is a study that has been around for a very long time, and some people depend on religion as apart of their daily lives. Science has been around for along time to, but I don?t think as long as religion. But, science did bring us technology, which we would be very helpless today without. I believe that we could not live without science, but on the other hand, there is religion which is very important to most human beings. But I can see us living with out our religious beliefs.

As I have said, Science and Religion seem to be two very different subjects, but yet they also seem very much alike. Almost as if one couldn?t exist without the other. I see that in the future, many cultures will turn to the Science more than they will the aspects of religion. If this happens I would suspect a huge up rise in the technological perception of society. I believe as if religion is slowly dieing and fading away with the presence of science. But, for now, everything seems to be going well, with many human beings and both science and religion will be around for along time to come, just as they have from thousands of years.


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