Slim Virgin Essay Research Paper Slim Virgin

Slim Virgin Essay, Research Paper

Slim Virgin

There she rested, cradled ever-so-gently between my fingers. I looked her over again, and she looked as beautiful and satisfying as ever. She was dressed in shrouded white garb with three gold strips wound tightly around her mid-section. Her body was soft and supple in the beginning, so I gently positioned her erect before me and packed her tightly. She held her shape well thrust after thrust, gently at first, then with sensuous and increasing force. Her bottom was smooth to the touch yet firm when I squeezed it between my fingers. I slowly moved my nose up and down the length of her tightly wrapped body. Her fragrance permeated my nostrils with a familiar scent that stimulated every part of my anatomy. She was ready, resting and waiting, prepared diligently for what was about to begin.

Anxiety was mounting, my heart was palpitating, I could feel the rush of emotions already flowing throughout my limbs. Thoughts of apprehension and anguish filled my mind. I had promised myself that I would never be found in a situation that such feelings of temptation would overcome me. I had to be strong. To her, I would be just another set of lips, to me, it would be another step into oblivion. I could practically taste her as my mouth began to salivate. I was already there, she was in my hand, and besides I already paid for her.

Past memories reminded me of the sensations and feelings that filled my body after each time I sought her out in her darkling abode. A woman of the night, a woman of pleasure, a woman of demise she was. I had to resist, but her grasp on my soul was firm and unrelenting. To have her in my hands was a sin; to put her to my mouth was damnation. The residual stench left on my clothes and body was all too familiar, but it did not matter. I was an addict in denial. A decision had to be made.

I was not sure if I was strong enough. I had experienced and relished this before, and the emotions and physical implications that I felt were never as malevolent once it was over. But I knew what was about to transpire was going to be another step towards my own inevitable and gradual destruction.

A few more tantalizing moments past with my eyes firmly fixed on her butt, then my wavering decision was made. “Just one more won’t hurt me, it’ll be the last time!”, I said to myself. It was a disgusting excuse to justify my own bias resolution. I felt guilt and blamed myself for my own feeble self-control. I knew it was wrong, but it did not matter anymore.

I could feel a lump in my left pocket of my cramped blue-jeans. It had been there ever since I pulled my mistress into my possession. My left hand slipped gracefully and skillfully in between the folds of denim until I had a slippery smooth shank grasped firmly within the palm of my hand. I withdrew slowly and my anticipation grew with every second that past. I maneuvered the sleek ergonomic piece of transparent plastic in my left hand with amazing dexterity and efficiency. I needed to spark that fire that lay dormant within her otherwise tasteless and useless body. With a flick of a thumb I said,” Let there be light,” and there was light. My right hand still embraced firmly my fetish between my fingers. I brought both my hands together before me, and for a brief moment I paused and eyed thoughtfully both the flame and the shame in both my hands. Then we finally met. I put her butt firmly between my lips, lit her up, and climaxed in a choking breath of caustic smoke. In that brief overrated experience, I again realized that I just danced with the devil.


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