Influences On Govenment Essay Research Paper Influences

Influences On Govenment Essay, Research Paper

Influences On Government

Our governmental system is influenced by a number of “inputs” and factors that shape the outcome of political

movements and decisions. These “inputs” include public pinions, political parties, interest groups, and the influence of mass media.

They influence our government directly as well as indirectly. Not to mention, that our government also uses these “inputs” for its own

benefit. The main issue that forms governmental decisions in a democracy is of course the public opinion. In order to be eligible to run

for an office in our governmental system, one must be elected by the people or a representative thereof, and to achieve this task one

must listen to and obey the public’s opinion. Therefore, the theory of democracy is most purely applied through election on behalf of

the public opinion. Another important factor in our system of government are of course our political parties. Parties enable the citizen

living in a democratic society to establish a connection to governmental action and lead policy-making to his benefit or liking.

Furthermore, a citizen can participate in society quite easily, since 2 party platforms which clearly indicate a parties goals and

preferences. However, this democratic ideal does not always prevail. Parties can be influenced or even manipulated by people who

contribute great amounts of funds to the party to have their own personal political wishes fulfilled which do not necessarily have to

benefit society as a whole (power elite theory). Interest groups account for an additional ‘mover’ in Washington. This political devise

provides a supplement to our citizens broad area of interests. Since the American People can only choose between two main parties.

Therefore, certain issues might not come to political debate. Interest groups fill this gap and thus withhold the theory of democracy.

Yet, ‘Big Business’ has also found this devise to help fulfill its political needs. Once again politics is influenced by a small amount of

citizens, that own about two thirds of our nations worth. Interest groups have grown more influential over the years and created a

pluralistic society, in which people’s everyday issues and interests are brought to the attention of our governmental system. However,

since there is a rapid growth in interest groups and political action committees, the competition among groups might become so

extensive that demands on politicians might be to high and hence, our system would come to a halt or gridlock and nothing would be

achieved anymore. Last but not least mass media provide another ‘input’ to our system of government. The media provide the people

with information they need to be able 3 to make sensible political decisions. In formation on election debates current poles help the

public to stay in touch with the policy-makers in Washington.


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