Should The US Intervene In Forgien Affairs

Should The U.S. Intervene In Forgien Affairs Essay, Research Paper

America should be allowed to intervene diplomatically in foreign affairs with the cooperation of other nations of the world to solve and correct worldly differences or economic issues.

The major cause of U.S. intervention is the nuclear arms race, which results in weapons of mass destruction. In 1992 the tensions between India and Pakistan rose to a certain point that the 2 countries started producing nuclear arms (Page NP). This has the U.S. in great concerns. Another cause that the U.S. should intervene in foreign affairs is that the distribution of supplies and other illegal materials are another big issue in U.S. intervention (Loeb NP). Clinton provided Sadam with $97 million dollars with supplies, weapons, and raw materials (Loeb NP). The nuclear arms race, weapons of mass destruction, and distribution of supplies are major causes of U.S. intervention.

An artistic way of explaining this topic is from a video clip that shows why the U.S. should intervene in foreign affairs. It takes place in Kosovo and explains the economic problems, struggles, and the way of life that they are facing. It is called Crisis in Kosovo . Some of the economic problems that they are facing is that their government is talking all their hard earned money and homes and kicking them out of their own country. Secondly the struggles that the people face cannot even be described as they are thrown from their homes and forced to flee the country. Lastly, the way of life that these people are living is wrong no one should be forced out of their country for any reason that is why the U.S. intervenes in foreign affairs. Crisis in Kosovo explains the economic problems and the struggles of these people are facing.

Recent investigations have shown that weapons are still being made, peace talks are not following threw, and special covert operations are still being upheld with foreign alliances. Several peace meetings with NATO and other foreign diplomats have been unsuccessful, the reason being is that they cannot all come up with one agreement to a problem (Hedges NP). Covert operations are used only in extreme situations, they train highly skilled soldiers to fight with nuclear arms, and this is another major issue in which it is important for the U.S. to intervene in foreign affairs (Loeb NP). Lastly, the weapon investogators have found that more third world countries are getting their hands on nuclear arms. Investigations in this report have shown the weapons are still being made, peace meetings shall continue, and covert opertations are still gonna continue.

Expert opinions aid in further explaining this topic. Sandy Berger, the National White House advisor, states, If these problems weren t hard like Northern Ireland or the Middle East they would have been solved a long time ago. Its because they re hard that require the leadership of the U.S. and this president, and why the road is very bumpy (Page NP). The British Diplomat, called the shift a more forward-leaning American move to go beyond containment (Loeb NP). The last expert in this field was Senator Bill first of Tennessee said. The timing of these strikes raises serious concerns. There is one thing these people have in common is that they all believe that the U.S. should intervene in foreign affairs.

Common solutions in case like this would be to expand the Western Allanice, moblizing the Iraqi opposition, and convert NATO into covert opertions. Frist, expanding the Western Allance will control most of the illegal production of supplies and nuclear arms, more inspectors will be allowed to search any place they want to (Galvin NP).

The second solution is to mobilize the Iraqi opposition by using covert assistance from the CIA (Loeb NP). Lastly an easy solution to this problem is to have NATO to go into the countries and convert to more covert operations (Page NP). By expanding the Western Allaince, to moblize the Iraqi force, and expand NATO inspections are the three common steps to solve problems in other counties.

In conclusion, When another country is unjustified by another countries greed, pride, or misjudement it should be a known fact that the Untied States of America shall prevail over the rest and take action.


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