Nike Essay Research Paper Nike is the

Nike Essay, Research Paper

Nike is the most popular brand in the American, even the whole world. It offers all the athletic shoes, clothe, watch and all the things you will wear in a sport. Almost every American will have at least one or two pairs of Nike shoes, which we can see how popular the company is and how well the qualities of their products are. Nike inc. contains three other famous brands, which are Jordan Brand, Nike Golf and ACG (All Conditions Gear). Jordan Brand focuses on high-performance sports apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. This brand was under Nike before which called Air Jordan, but in 1997 it becomes partner with Nike by the most popular basketball player in the world Michael Jordan. Nike Golf become independent business in 1999, it has the best Nike technology which focus on golf footwear, apparel and equipment for men and women. ACG provide products to all the outdoor enthusiasts such as rushing river and snowy slop or mountain trail.

In 1957, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight became partners; they met at University of Organ and trying to develop a low price, high-tech, well-merchandised shoes. Five years later they gave birth for Blue Ribbon Sports which is the forerunner of Nike. In 1972, Blue Ribbon Sports became Nike and had an extremely high sale on the shoes, and this how the Nike is born. In 1971, Phil Knight met Carolyn Davidson who majored in graphic design. Knight asked her for create a shoe stripe, she came out with many of design and Knight chose the one that is known as the Swoosh today. He also told Davidson, I don t love it, but it will grow on me

Nike is a company which is more responsibility than we think it is, To lead in corporate citizenship through proactive programs that reflect caring for the world family of Nike, our teammates, our consumers, and those who provide services to Nike. Nike has been building bridges to better dialogue with people who are as concerned about the issues affecting the people who manufacture Nike products around we are. At Nike, Giving back to the community isn’t part of what we do, it’s part of who we are this is the quote they always keep in mind. As a leading global corporate citizen, Nike proudly supports communities where our employees live and work. In 1993, Nike founded a N.E.A.T (Nike Environment Action Team), which this works on how to reduce Nike s impact to our planet. Breath the air. Play the game. Meet the challenge. Share the responsibility. This is also one the their important belief.

From the date I recorded the stock price, we can concur that the closing price of Nike are pretty stable, it moved from 37.99 to 40.53 dollars throughout the whole month. Since March 5, I invested $10,000 into it, and I got the number of shares that is about 263. At the end of March, my investment value becomes $10659.39. I earned $659.39 in this investment. It is a fair investment because throughout this period I have earned $10659.39 roughly around 6.6% from my initial investment. Even though it s a quiet increase in this month, but the growth of Nike in 2000 isn t as good as in 1999 or 1998, especially in USA. The business in USA actually decreased 11% for the revenues. But they still hold great hope for their future, because “brands” can come and go faster than a teen pop star can boast “I’ve got the top-selling CD this week.” consumers choose our products because they have come to stand for authenticity.

Nike in no doubts an organized and well-known company. They re many of Nike stores such as Nike Town in the USA and lots of stores spread out worldwide. Their goal is to provide customers a low price, high-tech, well-merchandised sportswear. Most of people would think that their goal is actually achieved, and their success is visible, it is no doubt that Nike is a successful company, and in fact, a respectful one.


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