Decision Making And War Aims Essay Research

Decision Making And War Aims Essay, Research Paper


Did Roman decision

making have inner logic and consistency? ?

Aims change and are

varied, we do not have enough information to dissect these aims correctly. ?

Principate following

pattern emerges ? Tribe raids Roman Territory ? Emperor decides to go to war,

defeats Tribe, tribe incorporate into empire or not.? Were there raids? Or Emperor showing off?? Did he hope to expand, or just an after

thought? ?

Commanders just went

to war ? that?s why there was a law to stop unauthorised wars 0 a lex

Iulia.? First encounter Teutones ?

results from an unprovoked attack beyond Alps 0 disregard for alleged defensive

value of natural frontiers. ?

Emperor decides to go

to war, not elected by people, he relies on standing army for support ? body

affected by decision.? Yes frontier

people may benefit from security, but no fun having army through the town.? War not really helpful to capital world or

civilian population. ?

War beneficial to

soldiers however ? booty and plunder, destruction ? Corbulo ?exhorted his

soliders to secure both glory and spoil? ?

Suppression of

internal unrest profitable as well 0 plunder Alexandria 215? valorous soldier promoted. ?

Great opportunity of

social and material increase ?

Dio shows importance

of financial gain ?

Standing army

incentive to fight and political will to use such an expense ? military glory

enhances the reputation of an emperor ? strengthen ties with troops ?

No officer class

constantly putting pressure on empire like modern military dictatorships, but

army put people in, only a commander of a friend.? Rank and file had very little to do with it.? Emperor was dependent on the army ?

respected by soldier and ruling classes if an effective warrior ? army always a

threat to ruling class. ?

Annexation profitable

if achieved without war ? annexation Iceni ?kingdom was plundered by

centurions, the royal house by slaves as if they had been captured in war? ?

Roman citizens did

particularly well in new annexes ? law etc. ?

Two groups benefit

from war are military and the Romans resident among the subject population. ?

No indication played

any role in formulating policy ? instruments of annexation and gained by it. ?

No interest group

suggesting war ? imperial will, obviously needed soldiers enthusiasm, but

Emperor made decision with helpful advice. ?

Advisor anything from

family and friends, senators to boorish upstarts.? No lobby groups persistent ? luck of the draw. ?

Conflict between

imperial advisers mainly on personal issues and not on policy of affairs of

state. ?

Must not underestimate

desire for military glory: Severeus merely pretended according to Dio,

conquered Mesopotamia for benefit of Syria.?

Real motive military glory.? Only

objection war from others would be waste of money ? no interest groups.


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