Internet Marketing Strategy Essay Research Paper Internet

Internet Marketing Strategy Essay, Research Paper

Internet Marketing Strategy

The mission statement

To provide bulk flower imports to local businesses, at competative rates whilst maintaining abolute freshness of product and deilivered on time.

Marketing Research Information on Primavera

System’s Inc.

Marketing Research Information Primavera Systems, Inc. In my first report, I outlined some of the

information available about Primavera Systems, Inc. I would like to expand on that information and

provide additional information about the marketing of Primavera Systems, Inc. main product. The

corporate mission of Primavera Systems, Inc. is to deliver innovative software products and

services to help their customers successfully manage all of their projects and resources.

Primavera employs almost 300 people located in its worldwide offices, including its Pennsylvania

headquarters, Chicago, San Francisco, New Hampshire, London, and Hong Kong offices. It

conducts 40% of its business through a worldwide network of dealers in over 80 countries.

Primavera dedicates itself to designing, developing, and delivering the best project management

software and has changed the face of project management by making software more

encompassing, powerful, intuitive, easier to use, and built for integration with other systems. The

Primavera market for project management software purchases has grown more than 20 percent

each year for the past five years and is now an annual $750 million market. More than half of the

total market revenues are from project management software developed for the Microsoft

Windows? environment. Project management is no longer a skill exclusive to manufacturing,

engineering, and construction. Many other industries are utilizing project management software for

rollouts of new products and services as well as the traditional construction projects. Primavera

distributes its products largely through a dealer channel, a value added (VAR) network of more

than 350 organizations in 60 countries. The VAR channel provides consulting, programming

services, technical assistance, and sales and marketing support. SureTrak Project Manager for

Windows is also available through major distributors and retailers. Some examples of their

marketing techniques can be seen in this excerpt from one of their distributors’ web sites: Alliance

News ———————————————————– Please contact John Garay if you would like to

respond to any of these postings. Opinions wanted: Great Plains software (

Should we invest the resources to build a link? How important is integration between P3 and Great

Plains to you? Is their customer demand? Help us help you! Betas Wanted – SAP R/3 – We are

seeking existing Primavera and SAP customers who have R/3 3.1G to participate in the SAP-P3

integration beta program. User should have P3 2.0. Betas Wanted – Oracle Applications – We are

seeking existing Primavera and Oracle Applications customers who have Oracle Applications

10.7 and P3 2.0 to participate in the Oracle-P3 integration beta program. Customer References

Wanted – Do you know of a customer that is currently using integration between Primavera

products and an alliance partner? Primavera would like to talk to them. This is atypical of the kind

of marketing technique that produces results. Promotion of the product appeals to their customer

in different ways. First, they have asked the customer for their opinion of something, next seek out

assistance in future product development. Lastly, asking the customer for references is definitely a

good marketing practice. What better way to find new customers? Demographically speaking, the

Primavera Project Planner software is marketed worldwide. Of course the company has other

products that are also marketed throughout the world. These include the ones mentioned

previously. Statistics speak for themselves. The Primavera Systems company develops its’

markets in any and all countries. This is evidenced by the projects that the company’s software has

been used for. These include the following list, to name a few. ?The rebuilding of Bosnia

?Construction of the world’s tallest building in Kuala Lumpur ?Design and construction of Camden

Yards Baseball Stadium ?The Hong Kong International Airport ?The Statue of Liberty and Ellis

Island Renovation ?The Liberty Weekend festivities planning ?Bobby Rahal’s race car design and

development team ?Hubble Space Telescope Camera repairs ?President Clinton’s Inaugural

Parade In addition to those mentioned above, the software has been successful in project cost

control programs and critical task operations at AT&T, Kraft General Foods, Fluor Daniel, Stone &

Webster, General Motors and Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Primavera provides industry-leading

training and support, which certainly lends itself to the company’s success. Training courses are

offered at its headquarters or on-site. There are also a number of companies throughout the United

States and the rest of the world that distribute the program as well as train and support their

customers. Customers receive technical newsletters, on-line bulletin boards, and telephone hotline

support for one full year. Primavera has its ear to the ground with more than 30 regional user

meetings and an international user conference each year. More than 750 customers attended the

1997 Primavera User Conference. These conferences also provide a keen method for marketing

the product. Primavera Systems, Inc. has targeted a primary Management type market. In this

capacity it has become one of the world’s leading and foremost innovative software company’s in

the Project Management field. Since its conception, the company has diversified and managed to

undertake numerous other projects which enable it to continue growing and maintain its’ position

as a world leader in this market.


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