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Etiquette Essay, Research Paper


In business, etiquette is an important role to impress clients and can possibly put your business one step in front of the competition. But in today s world many people do not have the proper skills and manners to succeed in the field of business. Us punk kids have no respect for adults, and no table manners. This is what people of the baby boomer generation think, so it is that much harder to prove ourselves as respectable young adults.

I was raised in a single father home where I had to fend for myself and learn how to be an adult on my own. When I was 11 my dad remarried and my step mom made my life a living hell by trying to mold me into the model polite young man. I learned a lot about the business industry and also about the reality of how important manners can be. Even though my step mom was the devils right hand I do thank her for teaching me those little things that play an important role in adult life. Now that her and my father divorced I have used my manners on many occasions.

Manners come in handy when you are trying to impress a girl. Girls love to be treated like a princess and respected. Nothing shows respect for a girl more than opening doors for her and offering to pay for a date. Etiquette also comes in handy when you meet the girls parents. Parents are very cautious about who they let date there little girl. Dads are the worst, if you can get the dad to like you, your in. Ways to

be respectful are to shake their hand when being introduced, and to speak to them in a respectful tone.

Etiquette is so important that companies actually send employees to charm school to help teach them manners. A company in Atlanta called Computer Science Corp. has sent more than 15 employees to charm school to learn how to affiliate with clients. The company hired 286 new college graduates last year, about triple the number they hired six years ago. The problem they found with hiring younger workers is that they lacked the manners and etiquette needed to be successful business leaders. At CSC in Atlanta consultants try to make up for the twenty years of missed manners in a half day session. The founder of the manners course is Marjorie Brody.

Brody starts the class by discussing past etiquette disasters, such as the man who pulled out nail clippers in the middle of a meeting or the guy who scratched his back with a fork at an important lunch with clients.

After that the trainees are given an exam on etiquette . Common mistakes were improper introductions and week hand shakes. Then the next thing they cover is table manners, perhaps the most challenging task to accomplish. She starts by explaining which fork is used for what and where to place other eating utensils. She also explains how to eat certain kinds of food like bread and pasta. She says the best bet is to stay away from messy foods and order something easy to handle. She wraps her course up with miscellaneous tips on every day things like smiling and opening doors.

Sometimes it seems that high school kids need an etiquette course in school. Manner should be taught at home, but with today s mixed families it is not as important as it use to be. As a high school student I would probably resent any formal schooling on manners and would try not to take the course. Whether or not it is proper to teach at school, it is important to learn when entering the business world.


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