Do Drugs Cause Youth Violence Essay Research

Do Drugs Cause Youth Violence Essay, Research Paper

Do Drugs Cause Youth Violence?

I believe that youth violence in America is somewhat due to the use of drugs, but not entirely. Although drugs are known to educe violent behavior, I do not believe they are the routes of violence among American teens. I think that kids can be violent with the absence of drugs.

While under the influence of alcohol, one cannot understand the difference between what is wrong and what is right. They believe they are at a much more powerful level that they actually are. Emotions are much more prominent after someone has been drinking, and this may lead to random outbursts upon any one near. I’ve witnessed anonymous members of my family perform similar acts.

The more dangerous of drugs, such as meth-amphetamine , heroin, L.S.D, P.C.P, crack-cocaine etc. are more likely to cause acts of violence over the obtainment of such substances rather than that of the users under the influence themselves. Such acts are done more among an older range of users not exactly in the youth category.

Less dangerous drugs such as marijuana, cigarettes, caffeine, tobacco, etc. cause more damage to the user than any one else and most likely will not lead to violent acts. Some may help in administering violent ideas, but not in acting out violent acts.

Based on the information I’ve gathered, I think that around 30% of youth violence in America are connected with drug use in some way. All and All I believe violence among kids is more of a mental health or house hold related issue rather than with drug use. I’m not promoting drugs or anything, I just don’t think they are connected.

In my opinion, I don’t think it really matters whether or not drugs are legalized. No matter what happens, people will always be taking drugs. It’s more of a personal decision than anything else, I mean there is no law stating you cannot cut yourself. But once someone is at the stage when he or she is endangering others and not themselves is when it becomes a real issue. The best way I believe drugs should be dealt with is the same as alcohol. If people want to hurt themselves, that’s their problem.


Drugs and kids today by pete anderson

americas youth by nick fergison


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