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Cannery Row Essay, Research Paper

Cannery Row

In the novel, Cannery Row, many characters experience hardships and asperities throughout their lives in order to make a living. Two characters who works hard to make their lives worthwhile are a grocer Lee Chong and a scientist Doc. These two characters pose a great exemplary of hardworking and achievement.

Lee Chong, a shrewd sometime manipulative businessman but is a kindhearted owns a small grocery store at the Cannery Row. He is a diligent worker who helps out the unfortunates of the Cannery Row. Benevolent man assists many needy customers by offering them credits to the store. The generosity of Lee Chong symbolizes caring and loving for other people. Affectionate care that Mr. Chong provide for the people of Cannery Row may bring him a good fortune in him. However, along with his soft heart Lee Chong has a very strict and disciplined mind towards people who are lazy, selfish, and greedy. He does not tolerate for people who cheat and deprive others. He knows what is the right thing to do and what is wrong. Throughout the reading, Mr. Chong executes his soft, generous heart yet with powerful and rigorous mind.

Doc, a gentle, melancholy scientist works at a laboratory at the Row. Western Biological Laboratory, home of Doc, studies variety types of specimens for research, which is his passion of life. His interest about animals keeps him very happy about what he does. Villagers of the Cannery Row show loyal respect and dignity to Doc. The enthusiasm of driving hours to catch starfishes at the sea is a great adventure. The warmhearted man also helped impoverished people like Frankie. Frankie is a young boy who received no love in his life and also had a physical disorder, which he was unable to control. But over the years spending time with Doc, Frankie was loved and cared by him. Doc is another studious worker who made an effort to fulfill his life with joy and accomplishment.

Two characters, Lee Chong and Doc portrayed themselves as a hard working independent who fought through difficulties and obstacles in their lives to have a better life. Working diligently on an assignment will bring people s lives to success.


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