Serve And Vollley Essay Research Paper Has

Serve And Vollley Essay, Research Paper

Has tennis become more popular around the world? It is obvious that more and more people are starting to get involve in this sport. People that play tennis ranges from age 4 to 70 years old. Tennis players around the world have different game strategies and style of their own. Whether you focus more on offense or defense, it helps you to build your own style of game. Serve and volley is a game style or strategy often used by Australian tennis players. This strategy is not commonly seen because it requires higher fitness level and speed. An Australian player Patrick Rafter, currently ranked number three in the world of professional tennis uses the serve and volley technique. The concept of serve and volley is to intimidate the opponent by moving up towards the net after serving the ball.

Serving is shot used by a player to begin a point and volleying is to hit the ball while standing close to the net. Volley is hit with a short and punching motion before it bounces. Practicing on using both shots makes your game more offensive and aggressive. In order to serve and volley you have to be athlete enough because it takes a lot of speed and agility to do the job. Right after you serve you have to rush up to the net in attempt to block every possible shots that are returned by the opponent to hit a volley winner (a shot that is hit which the opponent cannot return). When the opponent sees that you are at the net waiting for the next shot it gives him pressure to decide where to place to next shot. This style of play is often used on grass courts, and is characterized by very short points such as 3 to 4 shots rallies.

An aggressive style of tennis that helped Patrick Rafter won second place at the Wimbledon championship at London, England on July 9th, 2001 I can say that the style works well. Rafter defeated the U.S. top tennis player Andre Agassi in the semi final proving the technique useful. Agassi said that it was tough playing against Rafter because when Rafter rushes up the net Agassi himself is limited on hitting a lob shot (which is a defensive shot that is hit high in the air up and over the opponent). By using serve and volley technique it forces your opponent to make errors, most of the time it will make the opponent tire from chasing after the ball corner to corner. Many sports reporter believe that the serve and volley style is becoming more popular for the younger generation because it helps them to bring the game to a higher level. Similar to the concept of tackling in football, when a player tries to tackle the quarterback it gives the quarterback fear of losing possession of the ball. By being aggressive the tackler succeeds when he tackles the quarterback. The closer you get to your opponent the more fear they will have.

My tennis coach trained me to use the serve and volley style, and I realized that it could be fearful to the opponent, because I felt like I was trying tearing him apart into bits and pieces. Experience from my personal game experience I know if I rush up to the net it creates an atmosphere, which causes the opponent to feel uncomfortable. I think the style makes the sport more fun and challenging. The concept of serve and volley can relate to the idea of the best offense is the best defense since it is more of an offensive style of tennis. In order to intimidate your opponent on the court, you must do a magnificent job on placing the ball while serving and volleying. After all it is only about winning or loosing the match depending on the strategy that is used.


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