Bolshevik Document Analysis Essay Research Paper Analysis

Bolshevik Document Analysis Essay, Research Paper

Analysis of Document

In the document Bolshevik Opposition to Insurrection , Bolshevik party leaders

Zivnoviev and Kamenev state their opposition to any sort of immediate revolt being

thought of by the Bolshevik party. They begin by stating that the Russian working class

has reached the point where many of them feel that the only way to have a new

government is to start an armed uprising. The press and public alike feel that the clock is

running down and it is time to set a date. Zivnoviev and Kamanev state that they do not

feel that an immediate revolution would be wise, fearing that it would be a gamble to the

fate of the party as well as the Russian public. They find that the working conditions have

not become to horrible that the only way to change them is to form a militant uprising.

They argue that, in becoming a stronger party, they are gradually taking control of the

Constituent government. The bourgeoisie it at the point where they know that if they try

to upset the progression of Bolshevik lead in the government that they would be crushed.

Zinoviev and Kamanev go on to discuss how Bolshevik leader s chances of

being elected members to this Constituent government have become greater. The

bourgeoisie is becoming less and less powerful by the day. They also discuss how, in the

eyes of the world, a revolution would be a bad idea. They feel that an armed uprising

would jeopardize the nations security against other countries, eventhough some of those

countries are in support of the Russian proletariat.

In this essay, the authors seem to find that the best way for the proletariat to take

control is to wait it out. They feel that this provisional style of government that is in place

now will soon help them in their quest. They understood that most of the working class of

Russian was in favor of this revolution to occur in order for the proletariat to seize control

of the nation. However, they felt that this uprising was unnecessary. They saw that

eventhough well supported, they was not a strong enough force to keep them from

drowning in the sea of battle. Remember, a lot of Russia s armed forces were away

fighting a losing battle in WWI. Also, many of the workers were in and out of jobs so it s

hard to say who would be there on the front line if a armed battle was to be fought.

The authors also spend a great deal discussing Bolshevik power in the present

government. The reason that a majority of the Bolsheviks wanted to revolt was because

they wanted complete control to the government. Zinoviev and Kamanev argue that the

proletariat is gaining power in the government. Many of the representatives to the

Constituent government were of the Bolshevik party. The bourgeoisie parties are slowly

bending to the condition of the nation and will eventually break. With the condition of the

peasants and the great force that they are pushing representatives will eventually cause the

bourgeoisie to form alliances with the proletariat in order to overcome the rule of the

aristocracy. This shows the readers that the authors of this document felt that the peasant

of the country held a large amount of power and influence in how the government takes


On the topic of revolutionary powers, Zivnoviev and Kamanev agree that the

working class and the soldiers back the Bolsheviks and will aid in an armed uprising.

However, they argue that support from the soldiers is because of a slogan of peace and

not that of war. Why would these soldiers who so desperately want peace want take up

arms in a revolutionary war? In attempting to seize power now, the Bolsheviks would risk

losing a great deal of military support.

Zivoniev and Kamanev feel that a revolution is not in the best interest of

international acceptance. They disagree with the idea that the international proletariat is

with them. Certainly, one cannot deny that a great deal of the proletarian parties are active

across the world but there is not nearly enough needed. The authors feel that this

revolution is not only a Russian one, but it is a revolt against the bourgeoisie the world

over. It is a highly dangerous thing to risk it all on a revolution that Russia is not absolutly

ready for. If a revolution is to occur, it has to be perfect in order for the proletariat to rise

to control.

Zivnoviev and Kamanev end on a simple point. They explain that Russia, as a

whole, does not have the right to gamble the safety of national security on one role of the

dice. They fear that a defeat in this battle would cause a defeat of the proletarian

movement. Be patient, and Russia will eventually get the government it deserves.


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