Dead Mans Creek Essay Research Paper Aaron

Dead Mans Creek Essay, Research Paper

Aaron Brown 9th gradeDEAD MANS CREEK As the bell rang all students rushed out of their classrooms and into the cafeteria. ” I hate Mr. Grogsworth. He always gives us way to much homework.” Julio remarked.” Did you hear the way Julia was arguing for more homework? It was sick.” David said “My grades already stink, the last thing I need is more homework. More homework always mean more tests.” Julio remarked. “She’s always such a suck up. I wish somebody would just get rid of her.” Said David. “Hey Diane” Julia yelled Diane waved from across the ice-cream parlor. Diane motioned for Julia to come join her at the table. Everyone said hi except for David who was sitting in the corner. Ever since Julia and David broke up their relationship was never the same. ” So what are you doing on Saturday night?” Diane asked”I have no idea,” Julia responded.”Julio, Adam, Nicole, David, and I were thinking of going to see a movie or go hang out in town. You got any idea of things to do?” said Diane.” Maybe we can go to Dead Man’s Creek,” Julia said. “Let’s do it,” Adam remarked. Saturday night arrived before they knew it. Just as Julia was leaving, the phone rang. “Hello”"You’ll be sorry if you go out tonight,” a voice said.” Whoever this is stop playing around, my coffee is getting cold”"You’ll be sorry,” click-”Hello, Hello ok jokes over,” Julia said in a scarce voice. Julia ignored the call and went out to meet her friends’. Everyone was there except for David and Adam. Nicole said that the boys had called her and told her that they would meet them down at the creek. They all opted to drive their cars one behind the other. Everything was going accordingly until everyone saw the leader of the cars, Julia, swerve violently out of control. After a couple of seconds she regained control, and pulled to the side of the road.

“Is everything ok” Nicole asked”I just spilled a little bit of coffee on my lap, everything’s ok”About 10 minutes after the incident they arrived at Dead Man’s Creek. They did not find David or Adam at first. After about two minutes they were going to leave when they heard a rustle in the bushes. They looked over to see Adam. After a couple of hello’s Nicole asked”Where’s David? “”He’s out collecting wood for the fire”Julia decided she would go for a walk down a trail she knew very well. As she was walking down the trail she heard a rustle in the bushes. She thought it was the wind until she saw a dark object jump out of the bushes. She tried to scream but no sound came out. The object , which she had made out to be a man started running towards her. She reached for a stick and swung at the man. She heard a sharp scream come out of the man. She swung again, but he grabbed the stick. She ran down the narrowing path scraping against bushes. Ahead she saw some lights. She was running out of breath, and was slowing down. She pushed herself to the light and realized it was a house. She remembered seeing that house somewhere but she could not remember. Then she realized it was her friend George from schools house. She started to scream out his name when she saw the door open. She then ran to the open door and told George to call 911. She looked back and saw the man running towards her with knife in hand. She then realized that it was David. The next day as she walked by Brian’s house she saw the cops handcuffing David and taking him to jail. When she got home she got a phone call. “Hello”"You haven’t got me yet”


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