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Computer Virus Essay Research Paper Computer VirusComputer

Computer Virus Essay, Research Paper

Computer Virus

Computer viruses are well known for their wrong doings. They are thought of as harmful

programs that can affect your computer greatly. That is partly true except that they can be

removed very quickly and easily. There is an interesting history of how viruses got there name

and how the first one appeared in public. There are a couple of different kinds of viruses but

millions of them are created. All viruses are intended for malicious acts but there is a solution for

that, antivirus software, which detects and removes viruses, hopefully.

In 1949, the first encounter of a virus had been made. A mathematician named John von

Neumann said that it is theoretically possible for a computer program or application to replicate

itself. Later in 1983, a student thought of the name virus to describe this self replicating program

when it was tested on a game earlier. A program called EGABTR was the first Trojan horse that

appeared in the public and was disguised as a game called Nuke La. This posed a serious threat to

the public because viruses could be thought of as a harmless program or game but instead it is a

program that does harmful executions in the computer.

There are six different kinds of viruses, parasitic, bootstrap sector, multi partite,

companion, link, and data file. Parasitic viruses infect executable files that reside in the computer.

The bootstrap viruses are located in the boot sector of the computer and modify the contents of

the hard drives and disks. Multi partite viruses infect both files and boot sectors on the computer.

A companion virus creates a program that tricks the computer into running it. The computer first

runs the virus when the program is opened and does its damage in that way. A link viruses

modify the way the computer runs a program. It tricks that computer into running the virus

before the program. Data file viruses are written in macro languages and when a legitimate

program is run, so is the virus.

If you are ever encountered with a virus, you would have to follow a couple of easy steps

to remove it as quickly as possible. First you might want to find the source, if it is not found,

then the virus might spread. If you have antivirus protection software on your computer, then for

the most part, all you would have to do is run it and it will most likely remove the virus from your

computer and any others. Some viruses are not detectable by antivirus software but will be in the


In conclusion, viruses can be very dangerous, but most of them can be removed with

proper software. New viruses are created world wide and the people that make them, won’t stop

for anything, unless they are caught.